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2have a/s is a Danish wholesale company that sells ceramic, glass, gift items and other accessories, especially for flower and applied art stores as well as interior houses in Denmark, Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

2have A/S is not just a workplace, but a lifestyle… – a place where people develop, speculate, create and not least dream about design, shapes and colors – to always be in the group that dares to give a bid for the future – and does it.

2have a/s was founded in 2002 by the two owners Inge Thomsen and Jacob Meulengracht.

Haesumvej 82 , 9530 Stoevring, DK
Telefon: +45 (0) 21465666
Webseite: www.2have.dk


Floristry & Garden, Furniture & Lighting

Florale Dekoration

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