Glow 08 | kooduu

A3 / F 48

“Less is more” rings truer with the Kooduu Glow 08 candle holder. It is a safer and much more durable alternative to traditional candles thanks to its compatibility with the optional Kooduu rechargeable Shine LED candle, an electronic and flameless imitation candle.

The luxury Glow 08 candle holder has a uniquely Danish-inspired look that makes it look great in any décor. Its modern design exudes simplicity and comes in a wide range of classy and trendy colors. The brushed aluminum body and handmade glass give it a luxurious look and feel.

Enjoy luxurious candlelight without an open fire with the Glow 08 and the optional compatible Shine LED candle, a safe and rechargeable alternative to traditional candles that gives you more than 100 hours of candlelight with just 3 hours of charge.

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