Lite-up PLAY lamp and speaker | kooduu

A3 / F 48

Nordic elegance, warm light and your favorite music at your fingertips: the Kooduu Lite-up Play makes it happen.

This beautiful speaker lamp with Kooduu Bright Sound Technology™ inside lets you listen to high-quality audio and adjust ambient light to your favorite intensity, so you can turn any mood into your mood. For an even better audio experience, you can pair its speaker to another Lite-up Play or Kooduu speaker with True Wireless Technology and enjoy stereo sound.

The Lite-up Play comes in different colors: Ocean Blue, Earth, Sand, Petroleum, Sky Blue and Light Rose in combination with wooden legs and handle to match, making it suitable for any décor and to carry around.

Size-wise, the Lite-up Play speaker lamp is a touch bigger than its little brother, the Lite-up lamp, making them a beautiful and functional duo. Set the mood for cozy and happy times with this portable speaker lamp wherever you want.

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