Chicken Pillow


B3 / B 10-19

A large hen-shaped pillow made of high-quality minky fleece.

Perfect for a gift.

This is a pillow for those who are looking for an interesting form and multifunctionality.

The chicken is ideal for:

for traveling – just put the backside on the window and fall into a comfortable sleep

for watching TV – there is always something missing under the head, and the hen has a profiled back, which wraps it perfectly

for sleeping on the side – the hen’s shape perfectly fills the place, thanks to which the neck rests and there is no problem with strained muscles

for breastfeeding – our hen is not a typical large croissant for feeding, but it will be perfect for holding the baby, because the baby ones do not take up much space

helpful when learning to sit – when the baby is still unstable, but wants to sit very much, the hen will protect it from falling

as a puff – children love to sit astride it and jump around the room like a horse or sit comfortably listening to a fairy tale

the hen can be washed – 40 degrees and the delicate washing program will be perfect

the hen can be tumble dried – she loves it, it’s fluffier afterwards

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