Legami srl

is an Italian word which can be read in two ways: Légami or Legàmi .
The former means: “Tie Me” and it refers to the iconic
Book Strap used in the ‘70s and
‘80s which the company revamped in the early 2000’s as its first ever product.
The latter means “Bonds”, bonds between people, which is the ethos of the brand,
connecting people through giftable objects for everyone.

  • Founded in 2003

    A one stop partner with more than 2 000 active lines a department store for shop buyers!

    From stationery to travel and home accessories we focus in unique design and beautiful

    From impulse gifts to accessories, we offer entry to premium price points Our knowledge of
    the retail market is profound, with 20 own brand boutiques

    Currently distributed in more than 40 countries covering 15 000 doors

    A loved and trustworthy brand among consumers

    Our consumers are aged between 15 65 yo Mainly Women 86 of our consumers), living in
    urban centres tech savvy (avid social media users), value for money sensitive

Via Stezzano 18 Via Stezzano, 18 Via Stezzano, 18 , 24052 Azzano S. Paolo, IT
Telefon: +393923902982
Mobil: 00393923902982
Webseite: https://www.legami.com

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