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A3 / B 43

Crush Me are grinders for salt or pepper in oak with a high-end ceramic grinder mechanism.

Crush Me grinders can be used for a wide variety of spices and are made in a simple timeless design, in our favorite material – oak. The grinders contain an adjustable high-end ceramic grinder mechanism from CrushGrind, and the contents dispense differently, depending on how the grinders are angled. Crush Me has a flat bottom that provides a no-spill function, and it also keeps out steam, which prevents the contents from lumping. Altogether the grinders are handy, effective, easy to refill, have a large capacity for salt/ pepper, and last for many years!

The Salt Me salt jar has a practical lid that can slide open and allow you to sprinkle salt without having to use your fingers.The design is simple and timeless and yet very effective and functional.

Material: FSC-certified oak, ceramic


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