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Each candle is meticulously handcrafted from virgin paraffin wax, ensuring unmatched quality and elegance. Featuring our superior patented 3D flame technology, these candles emit a captivating warm-white glow that fills your space with the enchantment of authentic candlelight. With three dimmer positions, you have complete control over the ambience. Our candles offer multiple timer options, ranging from 4 to 10 hours, allowing you to set the perfect duration for any occasion. With the convenient on/off control for all candles at once, you can effortlessly create a serene ambience with a single touch. Harness the convenience of our remote control functionality, effortlessly adjusting the glow and settings from anywhere in the room. Significant advancements have been made to battery life, with our new outdoor pillars with D batteries now lasting approximately 2500 hours – that’s an entire year when used on a timer for 6 hours per day! Pillar candles last approximately 1000 hours with C batteries, and tealights last approximately 400 hours with CR2477 batteries.

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