Laura Ashley Tableware

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Laura Ashley Tableware shows that you can make anything big with a humble beginning. The Laura Ashley Tableware collections are known for the abundance of simplistic, small-scale prints. Combining the good old days and modern trends, Laura Ashley Tableware ensures that every meal is exceptional.

Quality over quantity
Laura Ashley’s tableware is made of high-quality new bone china porcelain. New bone china porcelain, also called bone china, is a high-quality porcelain, made according to a special procedure. This type of porcelain is the strongest that exists.

New bone china is baked in one go at a temperature of 1250-1300° Celsius. Bone ash, also called bone ash, is a white material that is formed by the calcination of bones. This material is added to the porcelain. The bone ash gives the material a light cream color and makes it transparent. The special production process gives a lot of strength to the end product, which makes the thin shape possible.

A variety of collections
Laura Ashley Tableware consists of several collections. Each with its own style, but all recognizable by the fine prints from the past in a modern and stylish jacket. There are the Blueprint collection, the Heritage collection, the Artisan collection, the Wild Clematis and the Tea Collectables. With no fewer than five collections, there is always one with a print that best suits what you want to put on the table. Make every meal great, with the timeless collections from Laura Ashley Tableware.

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