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Luka Zajc design presents design studio and four product families:

Spira Christmas tree: The innovative and ecological Spira Christmas tree is an elegant and durable solution for your Christmas decoration. Installation and storage are easy, but at the same time its ergonomics and timeless design allow for countless decorating options. A warm touch of wood will create a pleasant festive atmosphere in your home.

Molly chair: Molly is an ergonomically designed minimalist chair, which is available in three different colour variations. Its splendid design takes inspiration from the past, provides comfort for the present and is an indispensable classic for the future. The inspiration for the chair came from Scandinavian classic plywood designs, but we dared to use our imagination and made a twist. Instead of forming wood into plywood, we formed plywood into wood. It is made of beech wood, which provides strength and durability, combined with a modern look.

Animal Kingdom: Series of retro style wooden hangers in the shape of stylized animals will brighten up any home and spark the children’s imagination. They are made by classic carpentry methods and distinguished by a simple design, soft organic forms and the warmth of wood. If you want, you can color them or let the children do it in their creative manner. A hanger in the shape of a cat, owl or elephant are playful yet subtle decorations for a children’s room, corridor or any other wall.

Pop-out Animal Kingdom: The other variation of Animal Kingdom is even more playful. Pop-out Animal Kingdom is printed on a wooden board by modern technological procedures. The kids have to compose it from various elements that simply pop out of it.

Stikke family: Wooden stands for all kinds of stuff, Stikke is a family of wooden stands for all the things you don’t know where to put and usually end up on that chair. Admit it, we all have at least one chair in our homes that is covered with clothes and other things we don’t know where to put. With that in mind, we created Stikke stands that come in various shapes and sizes.

All of them are made with love under the Alps.



Christmas & Seasonals, Decorations & Accessories, Furnishings & Design Objects, Furniture & Lighting

Holzartikel, Kleinmöbel, Naturprodukte, Tische und Stühle, Weihnachtsdekoration

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