The PINACOLADA lamp – ivory, saffron, blush und ocean

Frische Farben, fantastisches Design, ein Dekorationsobjekt das nicht nur beleuchtet ein toller Blickfang ist. Für die Küche, für die Party, für drinnen und draußen. Die PIÑACOLADA  Party-lamp für Bars, Clubs und Events. Ein fantastisches Design von Goodnight light und eine perfekte Umsetzung in unserer kleinen Manufaktur in der Nähe von Alicante ganz im Süden Spaniens. Durch die Idee das sehr detaillierte Design aus Vinyl zu fertigen und mit der stärke des Kunststoffs variabel zu agieren, sind die PINACOLADA lamps bis hoch in die stilisierten Blätter der Ananas ausgeleuchtet. Die Vinyl-Leuchten, werden teilweis in Handarbeit angefertig und erhalten am Ende noch [...]


L´Arcolaio Srl

We introduce ourselves: we are Olga, Chiara and Mariana and for a while we have the obsession for natural fibres, Jacquard fabrics and original textile products.We are the third generation of Arcolaio and the history of our weaving is the history of our family. The Arcolaio was born in the early 50s, in a historical moment in which here in Italy there was a strong economic ferment that led to radical social transformations. Work united and nourished hopes, returning a fearless optimism to generations of women and men who wanted to leave behind the devastation of World War II. We [...]


Sitzbuchstaben – seat letters

Stool in the shape of a letter, very stable and of high quality. The seat is softly padded and covered with our premium synthetic leather. The side surfaces are either covered with fabric or, in the full leather version, with artificial leather. The colors can be freely selected from our range. From A-Z, from 0-9 - combine any numbers, letters and special characters to create individual messages.


Formen – shapes

Upholstered stools in free shapes - whether cube, hexagon, rhombus or round - almost anything is possible. Covered with our premium synthetic leather in a variety of colors to choose from, our stools cut a fine figure. It is also possible to add messages or logos.


Logohocker – logo stools

Individual seating in the shape and color of your company logo - unique, exclusive, matching your corporate identity.



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