Fruit Szymon Ciechorski

B3 / E 13A

Fruit Bijoux is a unique concept. Here one creates the jewellery themselves. The characteristic feature of our jewellery is the mix & match composition option giving the choice of both a ring base and a replaceable ring top. We work with both sterling silver and epoxy resin for a play of light and colour, giving surprising results, leaving distinct and clean lines. From the countless individually designed and carefully hand crafted elements one can create their own jewellery pieces. There are hundreds amazing modules in variety of colours and shapes, which can be easily composed, modified and expanded. Fruit Bijoux is a local family business and all of our pieces are handmade in a sustainable and ecological manner.

Iglasta 42a , 83-330 Borkowo, PL
Telefon: +48 (0)606560345

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