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Wax Melts are eco-friendly candles without a wick that are gently heated in a fragrance lamp to release an intense fragrance. Wax Melts produce no waste (no glass, metal, cotton or plastic).

Our wax melts are made from 100% soya wax, sourced in Europe and hand poured in Scotland.  We specialise in unique, luxurious scent combinations. Our fragrances are made from a combination of natural and lab created synthetic fragrances. We use a blend of natural and laboratory created fragrance ingredients to ensure long lasting, high quality, stable fragrances for our wax melts.

All our products are hand packed in our small workshop in Salzburg, Austria. We use only 100% recyclable packaging and no plastics. All our ingredients are vegan and cruelty free.

Decorations & Accessories

Candles, Decorative articles, Fragrance lamps and fragrant oils, Home accessoires, Room fragrances

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