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Éternel is everyday luxury, designed to pamper you with nourishing, active ingredients and beautiful design. With Éternel you can give yourself the spa experience at home. Allow yourself this luxury – not a few times a year – but every day, all year round. Our products are designed and developed in Denmark, carefully selected for their positive qualities, documented effects, and amazing scents.

We pride ourselves on simple and clean principles:
• Clinically proven ingredients
• Natural oils of high quality
• No parabens and colorants
• Only vegan ingredients
• No endocrine disrupting substances
• High content of active ingredients
• Exclusive scents

The Éternel series consists of foot care, hand care, body care and facial care, topped off with beautiful scented candles, diffusers and lots of accessories such as brushes, bath gloves, pumices stones and much more. We have put together a wonderful series that not only looks good, but also consists of high quality ingredients.
Éternel is designed to nurture body, mind and soul – beautiful products that are not just easy on the eyes, but also easy on the heart.

Let Éternel bring you eternal luxury!

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