LE CRU – A unique tasting experience!

Delicious food does not have to be complicated.
LE CRU makes it a point of honour to create products, where the ingredients are of the highest quality and to create astonishing taste experiences that is authentic to the cuisine of Southern Europe.
We have spent years developing our collection of incredible delicacies. The LE CRU assortment consists of a wide variety of gourmet delicacies – different types of salt, pesto, olive oil, tapenade, vinegar, jam, spices, syrups etc. To achieve the most authentic taste, our delicacies are produced in Southern Europe, using old traditional methods of production.

LE CRU will give you an experience above the usual – the combination between quality ingredients and beautiful packaging are an essential part of the LE CRU experience. LE CRU is a part of the Chic Antique family. We have carefully designed and selected each LE CRU glass, lid and grinder to match the beautiful Chic Antique universe.

Make everyday cooking a journey into unique tasting experiences…

– With quality ingredients, come good taste.
Bon Appétit!

Food & Drink, Kitchen & Tabletop

Foodstuffs, Spices, Vinegar and oil


LE CRU Delicacies

LE CRU Delicacies – French tapas products
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