Dr. Inge Zuck


‘The only real valuable thing is intuition’ (Albert Einstein)

… and to stay on track painting intuitively is my passion. My paintings are not according to the book, they come to existence via an intense dialog between the canvas and my inner self. What arises intuitively can’t be explained in an rational way. I’m putting my heart and soul onto the canvas and therefore all of my paintings contain a little bit of me and my energy.

I’m playing with high contrasts and powerful colors, combined with delicate nuances and fancy collages.

The eyes are dominating my expressive faces which are often embedded in surrealistic environs. Eyes – as a mirror of ones soul – sometimes longing or dreamy, sometimes provocative or angry, even hypnotic, may try to put a spell on you.

Quirky figures in a fantastic dream world invite you to explore their narrative.

Feel free to sense the energy of my paintings and immerse yourself in my expressive and surrealistic worlds and start to dream!

Breslauer Str. 26 , 83052 Bruckmühl, DE
Telefon: +4980628094630
Mobil: 015753079386
Webseite: https://www.inge-zuck.com

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