Hübsch A/S

This is Hübsch
The keyword happiness is deeply rooted in Hübsch. We believe that happiness is created when surrounding ourselves with quality products in unique style. Combining a playful approach to material and colour combinations with a distinct sense of aesthetics, Hübsch encapsulates a concise but airy narrative. A narrative that ticks all the boxes regarding functionality, bold colour choices, and complementing contrasts. A narrative that says: Where Happiness Lives.

Hübsch Care
Smile today. Smile tomorrow.

At Hübsch we care about tomorrow, today. We recognise that everything we do as a design company has an impact on the environment. That is why we at Hübsch constantly try to find new and better ways of designing and developing our products, continuously focusing on approved and sustainable materials, placing high demands on ourselves and our partners in terms of fair and healthy working conditions and supporting our local communities. We know that we are not saving the world, but try to do better, day by day, to reduce our ecological footprint and to be proud of what we do.

We call this Hübsch Care, well because, we do. We care about tomorrow, today.

HI-Park 381 , 7400 Herning, DK
Telefon: +4532421810
Webseite: https://www.hubsch-interior.com

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