Vance Kitira Europe

A Thai forester and his beautiful candles
The success behind Vance Kitira is derived from Vance’s own love of nature and his unique ability to translate it into fashionable products, while protecting nature and its inhabitants in return and the belief that ‘ecofriendly’ is far from equal to high prices. The
collection offers a wide selection of high quality candles and home accessories. As a brand Vance Kitira is considered an exceptional value throughout the industry, each product is reflective of his vision and creativity.

  • Handpoured
  • Very long burn hours
  • Asthma and allergy friendly
  • Certified clean candles – tested at SGS labortory
  • Average sooting procent 0,01
  • Odor free and smokeless
  • Premium foodgrade paraffin – REACH certified
  • Through colored
  • Fine dyes from Germany
  • 100% cotton wicks from the US

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Beauty & Wellness, Christmas & Seasonals, Decorations & Accessories, Furniture & Lighting

Candles, Christmas decorations, Decorations, Floral decorations, Home accessoires

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