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mumoo – original munich moonshine black edition 51% vol


mumoo – Original Munich Moonshine


Ein Moonshine gebrannt aus der ältesten Maische der Welt – Bier. Gebraut nach bayrischem Reinheitsgebot und im Herzen Bayerns. Mit reinem Herzblut und viel Erfindergeist in mehr als 5 Jahren entwickelt und perfektioniert. Abgefüllt in handgegossene Porzellanflaschen – ebenfalls gefertigt in Bayern – jedes Stück ein Unikat. Kleinste Auflagen und handnummeriert.



„Hey Mr Paus,


Andy gave us a half bottle of the black mumoo.

I just want to say, you´ve made something very special there …

I´ve a few bottles of whisky with similar alcoholic strength 53 – 60, so I kind of knew what to expect heat wise.


From the nose the first thing I got was sweet hops and almost Süßigkeiten sugars. Also like fermented strawberries. On the mouth, top of the tongue, sweetness, but with the full force of the spirit (but not like young harsh spirit). Then a moment of aniseed, then what I can only describe as full butter short bread.


I loved every sip.


I can definitely say, I´ve not tasted anything like it before.

The branding is so bold and effective and I love the form of the bottle.


I hope you´re doing well and hope to bump into you again at some point.


Take care.“




mumoo – Black Edition 51% vol


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