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Pioneering umbrella company BLUNT, envisioned in London and founded in New Zealand, brings its iconic umbrellas to Germany. A combinaton of superior, patented technology and beautiful design turns an ordinary everyday object into an extraordinary experience.

BLUNT was founded in 2006 by New Zealander Greig Brebner. Living in London and travelling around the city on a daily basis, Greig realised how impractical and frustrating conventional umbrellas were. The umbrella was a product that had been around for over 150 years and hadn’t fundamentally evolved since inception. Poor design and poor quality make most umbrellas break within a few months. Greig became obsessed with reinventing the perfect umbrella and after 18 months of radical prototyping, the BLUNT umbrellas were finally ready and their signature silhouette was born.

Every BLUNT is a perfect blend of form and function – and made for life. The strength of BLUNT umbrellas lies in their unique construction. Our patented BLUNT tips open like miniature umbrellas within custom pockets at the canopy edge, performing multiple purposes to make the BLUNT Umbrella what it is. They transfer the radial force evenly into the canopy, creating a superior structure and aerodynamic surface for ultimate performance. They reinforce the umbrella in a traditional area of weakness by eliminating the point loading at the rib end where umbrellas typically fail.

At the same time, the tips give every BLUNT its incomparable shape. With their superior properties, BLUNT umbrellas can withstand wind speeds of up to 115 km/h. Whether you want to be out in such winds is another question….

Sustainability isn’t just a buzz word; it’s part of our fabric and it’s reflected through the way we design everything we do. The traditional umbrella is a mass-produced product built to fail. There are enough cheap umbrellas littering the streets and rubbish bins after rain, so we decided to do something about it – build umbrellas designed to last.

BLUNT Umbrellas are designed to be fully repaired, giving us our ‘Repair, not Replace’ ethos. This means if something goes wrong, you won’t have to throw away your umbrella. Rather we will fix it for you to be as good as new.

A BLUNT is more than an umbrella – it’s a lifestyle. A modern sign of unobtrusive, sustainable luxury and contemporary use. With our sturdy and stylish umbrellas, you can now enjoy every moment in the rain.

The BLUNT range includes five umbrella sizes in ten classic and currently four seasonal colours. In addition to its extensive colour range, BLUNT regularly collaborates with various fashion and design talents for limited editions.

Thanks to its unique design, you recognize a BLUNT when you see one.

Hamburger Str. 9 , 41540 Dormagen, DE
Webseite: https://www.bluntumbrellas.de/

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BLUNT Umbrellas

Jeder BLUNT ist eine perfekte Mischung aus Form und Funktion – und fürs Leben gemacht. Dank des einzigartigen Designs mit abgerundeten Spitzen erkennt man einen BLUNT, wenn man einen BLUNT sieht.

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