Outdoor Lantern | Uyuni Lighting

A3 / B 43

Outdoor Lantern
Setting the mood has never been easier. A burn-proof glass dome cover adds a contemporary aesthetic to this modern-day Outdoor Lantern. Dimmable lighting, remote control functionality, hours of warm candlelight, and a cutting-edge electronic 3D flame that gently flickers and offers you safe, user-friendly lighting.

Additionals: Holder, Spike and Wall Mount

Also included is the stylish and functional Uyuni® Remote Control. Turn your Uyuni products on and off from a distance, or dim to your desire; with timer options of 4, 6, 8, or 10 hours. And do it all in style with a luxurious silicone cover that is soft to the touch and comes with a built-in magnet for ease of storage.


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