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We are French and artisanal manufacturers of Sacasalades, Dish Bags, aprons for children and adults and Bread Bags in 2 versions, transport and basket and other products.

Our 5 workshops are from Ile-de-France, where almost all of the craftsmen are seniors over 50 years old.
To put a face to our products, consumers can view videos and photos available on our web platform and social networks.

Regarding the Sacasalades by Arminé brand, it should be noted that we are developing in a human, social and environmental dimension.

Indeed, the Sacasalades allow:

-to actively fight against food waste by managing the volume of fresh food purchased, but also hard cheeses and dry hams.
– drastically reduce the volume of waste;
-educate consumers to promote local consumption, seasonal and fresh products rather than buying ready meals containing preservatives and other products

In addition, Sacasalades By Arminé financially supports the French federation of food banks through sales made on our merchant platform.

It should be noted that Sacasalades by Arminé creates direct and indirect jobs with our 8 sales representatives in France, Belgium and Italy, our 400 distributor points of sale (present on our site in the “points of sale” tab), our 5 workshops, our community manager in charge of our digital identity.

The profile of our clients is multiple:
95% are women, of which 4/5 are over 40 years old and the rest 30 years old or more, active, with children.
Concerned about their food, sensitive to their role as consum’actors, customers are loyal to us because once the products have been purchased and used, customers come back to buy other products for themselves but also to offer and discover a ” must have”, an essential eco-responsible utensil.

We sell the products both at our 400 points of sale and on our platform, but with a general price policy of €28 public price for Sacasalades/ Bread bags/ Dish bags and €38 for aprons.

The price of the Bags is very affordable in view of the savings made since all the food or a large part of it is consumed and not thrown away.
Note that a French household made up of 4 people throws an average of €600/year of food in the trash, of which 1/3 is packaged products.
So, with 3 Sacasalades + 2 Bread Bags per household, i.e. €140, we save €600 in food not thrown away over 1 year and €1,800/3 years.

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