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Good wishes and love are precious. Written by hand, with your very own
and characteristic swing. As fine and special as this personal form of the
Message should be the thousand-sheet cards. That was my goal in 2011 when I
thousand sheet came into being. Since then, many have been lovingly made in the company's own workshop
Drafts were created - bright floral watercolours, filigree graphite drawings, nature motifs,
Finds from the seashore. Each individual motif is created using classic techniques with a brush
and color or graphite. Nature itself is always new
fascinating and inexhaustible source of inspiration. The incredible beauty and grace
the variety and sophistication of the flowers, leaves and finds that I mean
Forays through nature discover the incomprehensible perfection of nature's blueprints - that
is what I try to capture, immortalize and pass on.
The finished designs are then carefully selected and printed on high-quality paper
printed. The tausendblatt range is growing and growing and now includes over 300
various motifs on greeting cards, mini cards, gift tags and more. All
Products can be combined very well with each other, as they are thematically and colourfully
are coordinated and have the same style.
From the design to the finished product, our stationery goods are exclusively made in
Made in Germany. We pay great attention to the selection of the materials used
high-quality and at the same time sustainably produced quality.
Everything is very easy to order directly in our online shop for specialist dealers
"www.tausendblatt.com" in our online shop for specialist dealers. There you will also find finished
compiled elegant and high-quality counter displays with motifs across all
Seasons that show nine motifs at a glance in a small space. Of course we advise
our customers are also happy to do so in person and place a whole together with them
individual desired assortment together.

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Greeting cards, Occasional cards, Office supplies, Paper instruments, Writing instruments

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