TIF TIFFY was established in 2007 in Herning, Denmark, by Kirsten Frandsen. In 2012, her husband, Ole Kousgaard joined the company. More than 50 years of experience within the fashion and textile industry lies behind TIF TIFFY, which we believe come to life through the unique touch and feel of our designs. Today, TIF TIFFY can be bought in various countries worldwide with many more to come.

Quality, design and sustainability. Three core brand values that illustrate our commitment to make women feel good. Life is too short to wear bad quality fabrics.  We only make use of the best quality fabrics we can get our hands on whether it is natural-, sustainable or handmade fibers we always provide high quality products for an affordable price. We are addicted to unpacking the latest collection, feel the fabric and interpret how the design has unfolded from sketch to product. All products are designed and developed in Denmark and mainly produced within the EU.

TIF TIFFY is our brand, our life, our passion and contribution to women’s individuality and right to stand out from the crowd. We understand what women need in order to feel unique and yet appear stylish. We design high-end accessories, knitwear and clothing with a feminine palette of colours and unique, artful prints in quality fabrics and modern designs. TIF TIFFY’s collections are designed to encourage women to express their individuality and be proud of it. Wearing TIF TIFFY, women should feel comfortable and full of self-confidence, ready to conquer the world, armed with good quality items.

Hammerum Hovedgade 134 , 7400 Herning, DK
Telefon: +45097223070
Webseite: http://tiftiffy.com

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