Broste Copenhagen A/S

Broste Copenhagen is a modern Danish interior design company with international reach.

Over the past 60 years the interior company has created products that have both defined and extended beyond the momentary trends. Broste Copenhagen have furnished homes and provided inspiration for letting new colours, shapes and materials move in – and they have helped open the world’s eyes for how the simple Nordic life can be translated into an inviting homey setting.

Broste Copenhagen is inspired by the Nordic design tradition, its precision and clean lines, its consistent choice of colours and materials and its unfailing style. They feel connected to that tradition – and they are proud to uphold and protect it. At the same time Broste Copenhagen are aware of the need for constant development and for refining the form of expression they have grown up with, which is embedded in their Nordic culture. We gather inspiration everywhere on the globe, but we bring it home with us and use it in a Nordic context.

The Broste Copenhagen Autumn Winter collection 2019 is a tribute to the simple joys in life – and to all those little gestures of love and consideration we put into seemingly insignificant everyday routines. Home is where the heart is, the old saying goes. Idealized and clichéd this may seem, but there is truth in the notion that home is the one place where love, care and thoughtfulness rule. Between the four walls of home, life happens – everyday!

This Broste Copenhagen Autumn Winter collection 2019 is made for you – and for the people you love the most. Because, after all, we believe the most important quality of any home is not its furniture or décor, but the person who is there to open the door.

Welcome to a new season.

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