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Upcycling und Street Wear in Berlin? Eine abgefahrene Idee!

Modeaccessoires und Möbel aus alten Fahrradschläuchen? Eine ziemlich abgefahrene Idee, mit der Stef Fauser seit 2008 erfolgreich ist. Seither entstehen im Atelier unseres Berliner Labels Henkel- und Umhängetaschen, Portemonnaies, Etuis, Notizbücher, Objekte, Wand- und Sitzelemente aus recycelten und neuen Materialien. Die Entwürfe sind nachhaltig, klar strukturiert und zeitlos. Aus alt wird neu, aus industrieller Massenware ein Unikat. Die Auswahl robuster und pflegeleichter Materialien ist konsequent, auch, weil das Produkt am Ende an seiner Funktionalität gemessen wird.

Trendproduct of the Year 2016

Mit der Weiterentwicklung unserer Möbelserie konnten wir 2016 auch die Jury des “Home & Trend Awards” überzeugen. In der Kategorie “Design und Ökologie” wurde die “Loungebank Hockinger” aus Fahrradschlauch und Eisen zum Trendprodukt des Jahres ausgezeichnet, eben auch, weil bei Stef Fauser generell Green fashion und Nachhaltigkeit eine große Rolle spielen.  Darüber hinaus wurde Stef Fauser 2017, 2018 und 2019 mit seinem Berliner Design für den renommierten GERMAN BRAND AWARD nominiert. 2019 erfolgt darüber hinaus die Nominierung für den European Product Design Award.

Wir freuen uns in diesem Jahr unseren Rucksack „Carringer“ und unsere Laptop-Tasche „Filinger“ in neuen Farben vorzustellen. Unsere Bauchtasche „Tourbo Tube“ ist ein weiteres Highlight, das wir auf der „TrendSet“ in München präsentieren.

Stef Fauser Design was established in 2008 by Stefanie Fauser and Dietmar Goetz in Berlin, Germany.

The story began with the little coin purse “Geldinger” which Stef designed for her friend Dietmar – a keen bicycle addict. The tube was the one he used at the Berlin bicycle race Velothon in summer 2008. The coin purse perfectly fitted into the little pocket of the bicycle shirt. It didn’t take long when his mates from the bicycle team also wanted their “own” driven tube item. Bit by bit Stef developed new designs. Since the preparation of the tube until it’s ready to be stitched was quite time intense she saved each little piece and part of the tube. The demand for those upcycled designs grew and Stef wasn’t able to do it all on her own. Dietmar then helped her and finally they were ready for the next step they founded the company Stef Fauser Design. It didn’t take long and the two had to expand even more.

Previously, the two founders worked in different fields: Stefanie Fauser was costume and stage designer in various theatres whereas Dietmar Goetz had a job as editor and worked as freelance journalist.

The idea behind the concept was to develop sustainable designs in times of a prosperous and disposal society, growing consumption and growing rubbish dumps. To attribute a used and apparently useless item a new meaning – a new value. Nowadays the inner tubes are thrown away instead of being repaired. So we asked local bicycle shops to collect the tubes for us instead of throwing them away. It was  a win-win situation since the shop-keepers didn’t have to pay for dumping them and we had our raw material for free.Like the very first used tube of Dietmar’s bicycle each single tube has it’s own story: one might have been driven on a race, the other on a trip right over the Alps to Italy or on the way to get rolls for breakfast – unique tubes for unique people. The new business idea to upcycle bicycle tubes into fashion and home accessories was resoundingly successful and reinforced their decision to go international by attending renowned lifestyle fairs. Meanwhile Stef Fauser Design can be found in 15 countries all over the world.

About the production: stronger together- working with small manufacturers.

Our accessories are handcrafted from recycled bicycle inner tubes and wool felt or leather. The materials used are heavy duty, resistent and eco-friendly. The wool felt is made to our specifications in Southern Germany.  Most of our designs are produced locally in Berlin with small manufacturers.

Stef Fauser Design is a perfect fusion of unusual sense of style and functionality. It is focused on creating innovative designs that appeal to individuals with a broad range of interests and lifestyles. So, if you are no mainstreamer: join us and upcycle your life!

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