TrendSet Fine Arts: The successful concept continues

After its successful start at TrendSet Summer 2018, TrendSet Fine Arts is taking place at TrendSet Winter 2019 from 3 to 5 January 2019, now for the second time. This time, 15 artists are at the arts area of TrendSet showing their contemporary individual works and series in the fields of painting, photography, sculpture, drawings, and graphics. With TrendSet Fine Arts, TrendSet would like to give promising artists space for presenting their works and make trade visitors art fresh from the atelier easily accessible and easy to acquire.

TrendSet Fine Arts is the Topic Area of contemporary fine art for ordering and directly purchasing. As the art area of TrendSet, it offers space for more inspiration, more encounters, and more attention through and for art. At TrendSet Fine Arts, gallery owners, auction houses, art dealers, architects, interior designers, and trade visitors from the Interiors & Lifestyle sector find aspiring artists and a creative exchange. In addition, they can directly purchase or order individual works or series of contemporary artists, thus gaining art fresh from the atelier for their businesses or collections.

Art as the answer to the general trend toward individualisation

TrendSet Managing Director Tatjana Pannier

TrendSet Managing Director Tatjana Pannier explains the origin and purpose of the new art area: “If there is an overall trend, it is the pursuit of individuality and the definition of one’s own being and lifestyle. Standing out from the crowd through that something special and unique when it comes to views, activities, and things determines one’s status and habitus. Especially in our Western world, the value of conforming has changed. Today, individuality and diversity go hand in hand. Society has become more open and, with that, also tolerates what are seemingly opposites. Today, success is not necessarily defined by money, but by how much freedom for the individual means being oneself and living according to one’s wishes. The freedom of individuality is the new luxury. That is reflected in the new designs.

“Many of our exhibitors have also long included one-of-a-kind pieces developed from natural materials or pieces with an individual note in their product assortments. Art goes a little bit further. Here, works are derived from a creative process without claiming to deliver a practical function aside from perhaps that of generating emotions. When it comes to individuality, that cannot be topped. Therefore, we think that with TrendSet Fine Arts, we have found an answer to the aspiring for individuality in the area of Interiors & Lifestyle. This is where we make images, photographs, drawings, graphics, and sculptures of contemporary artists available to a wider audience.”

Space for art and inspiration

TrendSet Fine Arts is interesting for a wide variety of groups of people. Trade visitors can directly purchase the single works or series of promising artists; thus, build up their own art collections at yet affordable prices. Or the unique pieces are ordered for selling in one’s own shop and so the product assortment is enlarged in the direction of individual design. Exhibitors at TrendSet have the possibility of including works in their collections or ordering one-of-a-kind pieces as contract work. Gallery owners, auction houses, and art dealers can get to know new artists and their art here and win them over. Architects and interior designers find new works and fresh art for the interiors of their clients at TrendSet Fine Arts.

The second TrendSet Fine Arts is taking place at TrendSet Winter 2019 in Hall C3. The admission tickets are valid for a visit in all exhibition halls of TrendSet Winter 2019.

TrendSet – 113th International Trade Fair for Interiors, Inspiration und Lifestyle

from Thursday, 3 January to Saturday, 5 January 2019
at the Messe München (Munich Trade Fair Center)
in Halls B1 to B4 and C1 to C4.

Opening hours of TrendSet Winter 2019:
Thursday: 9:00–6:00 pm (9:00–18:00 h)
Friday: 9:00–6:00 pm (9:00–18:00 h)
Saturday: 9:00–5:00 pm (9:00–17:00 h)

One-Day Ticket: €17.00
Three-Day Ticket: €23.00
To order tickets go to the TrendSet ticket Shop