TrendSet Summer 2020 sets a strong signal, even during corona time!

  • Largest meet-up of the industry in Germany
  • Pioneering trade fair concept
  • Almost 13,000 trade visitors despite corona
  • Satisfied exhibitors
  • Expectations exceeded

As the largest live event after the corona lockdown, TrendSet took place at Messe München from 12 to 14 September 2020. Over 600 exhibitors with about 1,500 collections presented the latest trends for Interiors & Lifestyle in six exhibition halls – with a bit of a delay, but still in good time for the order seasons Autumn/Winter 2020.21 and Spring/Summer 2021. TrendSet thus brought a certain amount of normalcy! Everyone was extremely satisfied with the event and felt safe and comfortable. The well thought-out hygiene concept received praise from all sides and was found to be groundbreaking and well tolerated.

TrendSet exceeded expectations. Nearly 13,000 trade visitors used TrendSet as the most important platform for ordering and information in Germany this season. The industry was in absolute agreement as to how important trade fairs are for the Interiors & Lifestyle market. The goods must be experienced and touched so that ordering can be done confidently. Thus, many were quite thankful that TrendSet was held despite the coronavirus outbreak.

As expected, fewer visitors came to TrendSet. In particular, the number of people who visited the fair per shop or business declined sharply. However, the number of international visitors was lower owing to the coronavirus outbreak, although there was an above-average number of visitors from Austria and South Tyrol. Due to the necessary postponement of the date to September, certain segments were also not at TrendSet. This was especially true for exhibitors and retailers who focus on seasonal goods for autumn. On a regional level, this applied to the business with folk festival goods and, on a national and international level, products for Halloween. The areas that focus on product assortments for Christmas and winter markets were also not as strongly represented as usual.

However, according to exhibitors, the quality of the trade visitors in Munich was, as always, high. Experienced bulk buyers, purchasers, retailers, and online retailers from the Interior & Lifestyle sector, as well as visitors from the hotel and catering industry, took advantage of the trade fair to find out about the latest trends and to pre-order or directly order trend products. In general, the ordering behaviour tended to be normal, although somewhat more cautious and more restrained than usual.

Tatjana Pannier, managing director of TrendSet, said, “I am very happy about how TrendSet ran. And I am so grateful for the praise and the many positive words from the industry. I would like to pass these thanks on to the whole team and our partners. Without them, the trade fair could not have taken place. Within only two months, we redesigned and reorganised TrendSet to comply with corona-related measures. I am really proud of that. Right from the start I was confident that TrendSet will take place. We had already had an alternative date since March. When then in July the decision was made that trade fairs may be held again starting in September, we did everything possible to ensure that TrendSet could take place successfully. Even though the situation was difficult, it was extremely important for the industry to be there. We were also able to use TrendSet to gather visitors and exhibitors of trade fairs that did not take place. So I am pleased that more visitors came to Munich, especially from the middle and the north of Germany.“

Because of the allocation of exhibitors and visitors per day at TrendSet, tickets could, for the first time, be purchased exclusively online. The new admission system provided for contactless and smooth entry to TrendSet. The unanimous opinion on the procedure and organisation of the fair: TrendSet has shown how a trade fair can be implemented safely and successfully despite the coronavirus outbreak.

For three days, TrendSet Summer 2020 offered a large variety of brands and collections in 15 Interiors & Lifestyle Fair Areas and four Topic Areas. All areas were represented in a balanced way to offer trade visitors everything they need for their orders and business. In addition to the classic product range for Autumn/Winter 2020.21 and Christmas 2020, many exhibitors showed their year-round collections and products for the Spring/Summer 2021 season.

Trends for Christmas 2020

Christmas decorations for 2020 at TrendSet in Munich were mostly natural, rustic, and evergreen. Traditional designs and colours will be reinterpreted in a modern way for Christmas 2020. Checks, tartans, and candy cane stripes receive a casual touch with slightly washed out colours. Traditional rural motifs meet urban design elements. Light colours and airy materials create coy, light decorations. Prints in watercolours and calligraphic drawings underscore the heavenly minimalist aesthetic.

Winter 2020/21 will be beautiful and cosy

The theme at TrendSet Summer 2020 in the interiors and lifestyle sector was: Cosiness meets design. The pure and yet cosy Scandese style is created from the clear cosiness of Scandinavian furnishing concepts and the functionality of Japanese design principles. Natural materials and craftsmanship have priority. Matte, often untreated surfaces support the meditative radiance of the pieces with a calm touch and feel. Ribs, folds, and waves create the illusion of flowing movement in many designs. Gentle, nature-inspired shades give even angular shapes a harmonious appearance.

Exhibitors’ comments from TrendSet Summer 2020

“TrendSet is running better than I thought it would. Retailers were in a very positive mood, as their businesses have gone quite well the past few months. That is also certainly on account of our sector kitchen, household, barbecue…. People at home used the lockdown to replentish their stocks, which led many of our customers to reach last year’s figures. We even greeted a few new customers at our stand. Here at the fair, everyone feels good and safe. Probably even safer than in the shops in the city.” Christian Peiniger (Managing Director, Profino)

“We started quite optimistically, because TrendSet is the first step into normalcy. Before the fair, we had very positive feedback from Swiss customers, because Ornaris did not take place. We did not have any big expectations and then were positively surprised by Saturday. The ordering behaviour is normal. Many of our customers are completing the assortment they had already ordered that was on backorder. Surprisingly, we greeted many hotels from Austria and also from South Tyrol. In total, we had about 10% new customers.” Claudia Steinegger (Marketing and Sales Manager, Schlittler & Co.)

“Of course, the fair is not comparable to a normal TrendSet. We have been selling our winter assortment through many channels as early as May. For us, the fair is a sign of life to our customers. Nevertheless, we were able to gain a few new customers. And we have the feeling that this time, customers from regions with other postal codes came to TrendSet as well.” Monica Albertoni (Area Sales Manager, Greengate)

“Against all expectations, we sold well at TrendSet.” Nico Attasio (Managing Director, DECORAMA)

“Under the given circumstances, we are pleased that a fair of this size even is taking place. It is important and right that we are at TrendSet as an exhibitor. The corona measures were implemented ideally. One feels safe, even safer than in any restaurant. Trade fairs are important and we have learned here how one can carry out a safe exhibition.” Matthias Posiwio (Managing Director, Posiwio)

“I want to give a big compliment to the management of the fair for organising and carrying out TrendSet. The customers and visitors are behaving in an exemplary fashion as far as the AHA rules go. (“AHA” stands for the German words for distance, hygiene, and face covering to remind the public of how to act during the corona outbreak.) In this respect, TrendSet is breaking ground for other trade fairs. The contact at the fair is really important to us. At TrendSet, we are able to meet our customers personally. In addition, the visitors want to touch the product before it is ordered. Our trade visitors are looking forward to the coming seasons in a positive, if somewhat restrained, manner. The insecurity about whether Christmas markets will take place and the full stocks of spring articles because of the lockdowns are causing customers to order their products right before the coming season rather than ordering well in advance.” Agnes Kwoka (Managing Director, Kwoka Floristik)

“I wish to give a great compliment to Ms Pannier, who stood up and said, “We are doing this fair.” We arrived with few expectations and were pleasantly surprised. The trade visitors are downright euphoric and are buying. Touching the products and personal conversations are extremely important for our customers. Trade fairs are important for us and our customers.” Jan Philippi (Managing Director, Philippi)

“We are receiving deep gratitude from customers that fairs are taking place again. Things are going up again for the retail industry, which we noticed from the strong ordering behaviour. We are satisfied with the result, considering the situation. Here at TrendSet, we have a perfect cost-benefit ratio.” Lars Adler (Managing Director, Hoff-Interieur)

“Munich is fun and we are always glad to be at TrendSet. The organisation of the fair is very good as well. The ordering behaviour at our stand is good and the specialty clientele is here. The fair is important for our business and we are thankful that we are here.” Philipp Wurm (Managing Director, G. Wurm)

“Everything at TrendSet is well organised and is running smoothly. Our customers are relaxed and are in a positive mood. When it comes to the ordering behaviour, we are noticing this time that increasingly, smaller orders are being made. The visitors want to buy, but they prefer to do it ‘just in time.’ Saturday was a super day for us.” Ms Petra Steenblock (Exhibition Management, Ambiente Europe)

“The trade visitors are coming in a more purposeful way to our stand and really want to buy. We meet both new and regular customers at TrendSet. This time, we had noticeably more customers from Austria, Switzerland, and the middle and north of Germany at our stand. We are highly satisfied.” Ellie Zips-Pape (Managing Director, Fox & Poet)

Facts on TrendSet Summer 2020

TrendSet – 116th International Trade Fair for Interiors, Inspiration and Lifestyle
from Saturday, 12 September to Monday, 14 September 2020
at Messe München (Munich Exhibition Center)
in Halls A1 to A3 and B1 to B3

Trade visitors 12.846 (-55,79 %)
Key countries of the international visitors from the industry Österreich, Schweiz, Norditalien, Frankreich, Niederlande, Belgien, Tschechische Republik, Slowenien, Slowakei, Ungarn
Brands and collections 1.500 (-40 %)
Percentage of international branded collections (exhibitors) Mehr als 50 %
Area of exhibition centre/Exhibition space 70.000 qm
Focus of the trade fair 15 TrendSet Interiors & Lifestyle Fair Areas

  • Furniture & Lighting
  • Decorations & Accessories
  • Furnishings & Design Objects
  • Home & Textiles
  • Kitchen & Tabletop
  • Food & Drink
  • Gifts & Fun
  • Spirituals & Souvenirs
  • Christmas & Seasonals
  • Floristry & Garden
  • Stationery & Papery
  • Office & School
  • Hobbies & Toys
  • Fashion & Jewellery
  • Beauty & Wellness
Four TrendSet Topic Areas
  • TrendSet Country & Style | Regional Collections
  • TrendSet Newcomer | Young Collections
  • TrendSet Fine Arts | Contemporary Fine Art
  • TrendSet Bijoutex | Accessories

The TrendSet Winter 2021 is expected to take place from 12 to 14 February 2021.

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