TrendSet Summer 2021: Successful pilot exhibition 2021 in Munich, Germany.

  • Sensational mood. High level of satisfaction.
  • 16,633 trade visitors. Visitor increase of nearly 30% compared to the previous year.
  • Enthusiastic exhibitors and good sales figures.

Satisfaction on the part of visitors, exhibitors, and the organiser of TrendSet. The figures on visitors and orders speak for themselves – TrendSet Summer 2021 was not only a complete success for all involved, but also finally brought together the Living & Giving sector again live in person and in one place. There was meeting, talking, and ordering, all with masks on and keeping a proper distance, almost like it used to be. After the trade fairs of the first half of 2021 had to be cancelled owing to the coronavirus pandemic, TrendSet Summer 2021 was the first trade fair in Germany to take place this year, starting on July 10, 2021.

In addition to introducing the latest trends and products for Interiors & Lifestyle in Autumn/Winter 2021.22 and even showing the newest ideas for Spring/Summer 2022, TrendSet Summer of this year also served as a pilot exhibition. It showed how trade fairs held in person can be conducted safely and successfully in the current pandemic situation. Subsequent trade fairs throughout Germany will also benefit from the findings during trade fair and exhibition operations in the second half of 2021.

From 10 to 12 July 2021, 16,633 trade visitors and 600 national and international exhibitors met at TrendSet Summer 2021 to discover and order the latest products for the coming season, including Christmas 2021. All sectors were represented, and seasonal and festive products were in high demand. Accordingly, exhibitor order figures were high. Exhibitors were satisfied through and through with how the trade fair went. “At long last, a trade fair!” summed up Philip Wurm, managing director of G. Wurm GmbH, his participation in TrendSet Summer 2021, expressing exactly what his fellow exhibitors were also feeling. After all, one thing quickly became clear: A trade fair is very necessary. Nothing, not even digital alternatives, can replace the experience of personal contact, of seeing and feeling the products, or of interaction and inspiration on site at a trade fair. This is also shown by the notable increase in the number of visitors of 29.48% relative to the previous year. While at the last trade fair during the coronavirus pandemic in September 2020, proportionally fewer people per company came to TrendSet, this time there were again more. It is extraordinarily important for sales success at the point of sale to also provide the team the opportunity to experience the new products in person.

TrendSet manager Tatjana Pannier happy, proud, and thankful at how the fair went

“TrendSet is a platform for trends and ordering, a forum for presenting, and a place for networking for our trade visitors and exhibitors. We are extremely pleased, thankful, and also proud that we have once again offered the industry a space and place for ordering and exchanging information. So many people came to us and were delighted to be here in Munich once again. Our event plan and arrangements regarding hygiene were praised and well accepted. I think that despite the coronavirus pandemic, the high and high-quality visitor and order figures speak for themselves. We hope and are very positive that we can continue this next January with TrendSet Winter 2022,” summarised TrendSet Managing Director Tatjana Pannier what happened at TrendSet Summer 2021. “All eyes were on us as the pilot trade show for Germany. The interest on the part of politicians was correspondingly high. Other trade show organisers from all over Germany, and of course, the press, were on site to see for themselves how effectively and safely the trade fair was run. And one can quite clearly say that everything worked out fantastically. The hygiene arrangements were practiced in an exemplary manner and the rules were followed by everyone. What makes me particularly delighted is that many exhibitors rate TrendSet as the undisputed leading trade show in the summer.”

Positive mood, many visitors, good order figures, and safe arrangements.

Both the number and quality of the visitors in Munich were again quite high. Bulk buyers, buyers, retailers, and online retailers from Interiors & Lifestyle took advantage of the three days of the fair to gather information on the latest trends and to pre-order or directly order products that are on trend. Everything ran safely and smoothly with TrendSet’s adapted hygiene measures, which incorporated the coronavirus safety experiences from the last TrendSet event, TrendSet Summer 2020. The trade visitors, exhibitors, and trade fair workers were able to participate in TrendSet using a simple “3G” rule, named after the German words for “vaccinated, recovered, or tested” (geimpft, genesen oder getestet). Contacts were verified in a traceable manner when admission tickets were purchased online. The contactless admission system to the trade fair provided additional security and safety. With how successfully TrendSet Summer 2021 was conducted even under more special conditions, TrendSet has once again proven its strength as the largest German platform for ordering for the Interiors & Lifestyle industry.

Long live nature: trends in Autumn/Winter 2021.22

Nature is the inspiration for a wide variety of designs in Autumn/Winter 2021.22. Its interpretations are also diverse, ranging from lush to delicate, iridescent, or hygge. Matte colours are all the range. Whether delicate pastels, rich primary colours, or neutrals such as white, beige, and grey, organic shapes combine with matte tones to form uniquely calm designs. However, gaudy neon colours and lots of gold and silver shimmer on room décor this winter. Boho and ethnic subjects lend rooms a sense of serenity and exoticism. The flora and fauna of the rainforest cavort decoratively on shelves this winter. African motifs bring a look of culture to the wall or floor as pictures or sculptures. Wild animals such as lions, elephants, or giraffes are often humanised or set in scene with a sense of humour.

Christmas, here we come: Christmas ornaments and seasonal decorations

TrendSet Summer 2021 was the first event of 2021 during which to order festive decorations and seasonal products. With its broad range of winter and Christmas articles, TrendSet Summer 2021 marked the start of the 2021 Christmas season, offering specialist retailers a variety of opportunities to find out about upcoming Christmas trends and order the new seasonal products. An enormous variety of designs was on display. Traditional figures and classic red and green are just as much in demand as cool silver decorations, festive gold, or modern glitter balls. Nature is given a Christmas touch in light colours, with flora and fauna motifs from the wintry woods and natural materials such as wood, fur, raffia, and stone.

Discover new articles and ideas in the TrendSet Topic Areas

In the Topic Areas of TrendSet, trade visitors took advantage of the opportunity to discover innovative, new, and unusual products. Along with the Topic Areas TrendSet Country & Style with trendy regional products, TrendSet Newcomer with new companies and young entrepreneurs, and TrendSet Bijoutex with fashion accessories and bijou, TrendSet Fine Arts was at TrendSet Summer 2021, this time for the sixth time. At the art area of TrendSet, artists presented individual works and series of contemporary visual arts.

Exhibitors’ opinions from TrendSet Summer 2021:

We have a lot of customer traffic at our stand. Austria and Switzerland are well represented; there seems to be no inhibition to travel and visit the fair. Only customers serious about placing orders have come. On the second day of the fair, we had already reached the order level of 2021 in pre-pandemic times. The hygiene measures are working great, everyone is cooperating; we are all used to it. Many visitors are vaccinated anyway. They have shops with customer traffic, so they have to be careful and safe themselves. We are very satisfied. The trade fair is international and superbly organised. TrendSet has once again proven its strength as the largest platform for ordering, even in these difficult times.
Lars Adler (Managing Director, HOFF Interieur)

It’s always full here, including now. The quality of the visitors is very high, like nowhere else. We are delighted that TrendSet is taking place again. No matter how high our sales, we are here again and can show all our new products and collections to our customers personally and here where they are. The trade fair is well organised with its hygiene practices. Everything is very normal. The trade fair has moved into a new normal with its coronavirus pandemic practices.
Philip Wurm (Managing Director, G. Wurm)

Things are going well at our stand. We have so much traffic at our stand that we wouldn’t mind if TrendSet Summer 2021 could last a day longer. There is a positive mood everywhere. Everyone is in a good mood. We are grateful to be here. We simply work in a nice industry; it’s fun here, our trends have been well accepted.
Michael Rossmann (Managing Director, Pad Home Design Concept)

There’s really a lot happening here at TrendSet. It feels normal, a different normal. Our regular customers are all here, because it is the first trade fair of this year. Everyone is happy to be here in Munich. We were very satisfied as early as the first day of the fair. The organisation is excellent. TrendSet has done its best for a successful fair despite the pandemic.
Rafael Vosteen (Managing Director, Vosteen)

It’s going very well at TrendSet, like before, only with a mask. We have welcomed both many regular customers and also new customers to our stand. A good 50% of our visitors here are from Austria. All of them are happy to be able to be at the fair again. Right from the start, the first day of the fair was very good and profitable. The hygiene measures are easy to implement. TrendSet really did a good job. For us, TrendSet Summer 2021, as the first trade fair this year, is also good practice for Paris when the trade fairs there take place in September. Those fairs, as well, will be smaller. Because of the coronavirus pandemic ordinances, TrendSet is not permitted to let in as many exhibitors and visitors as usual. But that doesn’t matter. The main thing is that we are all here. It just doesn’t work without a trade fair. During the lockdown, we continued digitally, but a trade fair is necessary. People have to meet each other, see each other, talk, and present – live, personally, in front of each other. That is what ensures our business success in the long run. Starting now, we are concentrating on only two trade fairs: TrendSet in Munich and Maison & Objet in Paris. Other trade fairs in Germany are not relevant any longer.
Nico Attasio (Managing Director, DECORAMA)

It’s so good to be here again. We are having successful days at the trade fair. Many regular customers are here and all of them are happy to be here. The hygiene rules are not a problem; we are already used to them from our showroom. The planning, implementation, and organisation of TrendSet are super. This time, things got started early at 9:00 am and the visitors streamed in. They all are eager to see new merchandise at last.
Cornelis Mulder (Managing Director, Cor Mulder)

On the first day of the fair, there was more going on than usual. Many visitors are coming to us to order. And there are also many new prospective customers who wish to find out more. At TrendSet it’s just as good now as before the pandemic. The only exhibitions that are interesting to us are TrendSet in Munich and Maison & Objet in Paris. Both of these fairs cover our clientele.
Rosa Ruíz (Export Sales Assistant, Brucs)

Here at our trade fair stand, there is a lot of traffic and a super mood. And everyone is so happy to be here again. We doubled our sales as early as midday of the second day of the fair compared to 2019 before the pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic measures are totally a minor matter; they don’t bother anyone.
Christian Schmidt (Managing Director, GIFTCOMPANY)

We have so many visitors and so much traffic that had we known it ahead of time, we would have brought along more staff. It is so fun to be at the trade fair again – with many regular customers and new customers, happy visitors and attendees, and a general mood that’s positive.
Arnold Maier (Managing Director, AM-Design)

For us, it is a very good trade fair with very good sales. Everyone is happy to be able to stroll along again, discover new things, and allow themselves to be inspired. It is all professional trade visitors who really want to order. The atmosphere here is fantastic. The rules and measures are easy to implement. Everyone feels safe and everyone is following the rules. The controls are subtle but effective. Everything is running very well.
Daniel Henriksen (Sales & Marketing Director, Hübsch Interior)

We are happy to be here and happy that people are here again. The mood is good. Everyone wants to order; many are careful, because nobody knows how things will be in autumn. But it feels like a trade fair again.
Philip Lang (Managing Director, Lang Kunstgewerbe)

We are very satisfied and reached the pre-coronavirus pandemic level as early as the second day of the fair. It’s running better than we had expected. People want to go to the trade fair, see the trends, become inspired, and touch the products. Nothing can substitute for that and the positive mood here.
Christian Foitzik (Sales Manager DACH, Boltze Home Collections)

The fair is running really well. All our regular customers from southern Germany and Austria are here. We are recording good sales. The customers want early delivery dates, also on account of the increased freight costs, and to fill their warehouses again. Everyone is positive and in a good mood. Everyone is following the hygiene rules and taking it in their stride. We have the feeling that sustainability has become more important, collegiality too, and a more conscious attitude. You can feel that here. TrendSet has once again shown that it has become a permanent institution. The location, the people, the timing are perfect.
Agnes Kwoka (Management, Kwoka Floristik)

We’re surprised. It’s going better than last year. TrendSet is the only trade fair for us in 2021. Our regular customers from DACH are here. One can only thank TrendSet for pulling this off. It’s great that TrendSet went along and implemented a thousand percent what it promised. We are so thankful to TrendSet. It is first class. We have the opportunity to show our customers here that we are back stronger than ever.
Florian Hofer (Management, Florex)

We are truly satisfied. The visitors are coming with a real desire to order. Our regular customers are here, but we also have a good number of new customers. All the important customers and prospects from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy came. Now, on the second day of the fair, we have already achieved the total turnover from last time.
Valentina Lo Tito (Area Manager, Rice)

The first day of TrendSet Summer 2021 was already very good. We have a healthy mixture of direct sales, cash and carry, and ordering. We are delighted about good sales figures and are very satisfied.
Marissa Geurts (biba) – Topic Area TrendSet Bijoutex

We were already very satisfied at our first TrendSet event. We are now here for the second time and the current trade fair now has outdone our first one. The visitors are extremely interested and are inclined to buy. We have the opportunity here to acquire retailers in the Living & Giving sector and are generating successful and promising contacts.
Christina Matthies (Proprietor/Designer, Maluu) – Topic Area TrendSet Newcomer

Things are going well at TrendSet Summer 2021. We have many good and promising contacts here. Everyone is so happy to see something new and to order. The safety rules for the coronavirus pandemic are all easy to implement.
Kathrin Seizl (Proprietor, Gaudiknopf) – Topic Area TrendSet Country & Style

The visitors find it good to encounter art at TrendSet. TrendSet Fine Arts opens up unique opportunities for visitors to come into contact with art and artists. Encounters take place on a variety of levels. There is a high level of interest in the art displayed here. I have many good conversations, make promising contacts, and also sell.
Michaela Miller Papier und Beleuchtungsobjekte (Artist) – Topic Area TrendSet Fine Arts

TrendSet – 117th International Trade Fair for Interiors, Inspiration and Lifestyle

TrendSet – 117. Internationale Fachmesse für Interiors, Inspiration und Lifestyle
from Saturday, 10 July to Monday, 12 July 2021
at Messe München (Munich Trade Fair Center)
in Halls A1 to A3 and B1 to B3.

Trade visitors 16,633 (+ 29.48 %)
Key countries of the international trade visitors Austria, Switzerland, northern Italy
Brands and collections 1,523 (-39 %)
Percentage of international branded collections (exhibitors) Greater than 50%
Area of exhibition centre/Exhibition space 70,000 qm
Exhibition focus 15 TrendSet Interiors & Lifestyle Fair Areas

  • Furniture & Lighting
  • Decorations & Accessories
  • Furnishings & Design Objects
  • Home & Textiles
  • Kitchen & Tabletop
  • Food & Drink
  • Gifts & Fun
  • Spirituals & Souvenirs
  • Christmas & Seasonals
  • Floristry & Garden
  • Stationery & Papery
  • Office & School
  • Hobbies & Toys
  • Fashion & Jewellery
  • Beauty & Wellness
Four TrendSet Topic Areas
  • TrendSet Country & Style | Regionale Kollektionen
  • TrendSet Newcomer | Young Collections
  • TrendSet Fine Arts | Zeitgenössische bildende Kunst
  • TrendSet Bijoutex | Accessoires

TrendSet Winter 2022 is taking place from 08 to 10 January 2022.
(The dates are subject to change owing to the coronavirus pandemic.)

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