TrendSet Summer 2018 post-fair report

Good mood — good business: TrendSet
is the number one trade fair in the second half of the year in Germany

TrendSet Summer 2018 is now looking back on three successful exhibition days. With stable numbers of attendees from the industry, satisfied exhibitors, and many orders, TrendSet has once again asserted itself as the top trade fair location in Germany in summer as well. From 7 to 9 July 2018, exhibitors from around the globe displayed the latest trends in living, dining, leisure, and giving. With nearly 30,000 trade visitors, the 112th TrendSet maintained constant attendance figures compared to the previous year, proving its leading position as the largest and most visited trend and order fair of the second half of the year. Moreover, with its sustaining successful concept, TrendSet gave a preview and answer to the existing and coming challenges of the industry.

One hundred thousand square metres of exhibition space. About 2,500 brands and collections from around 40 countries of the world. Nearly 30,000 trade visitors on three sunny, inspiring exhibition days full of action. And a whole lot of new trends and innovative products. That was TrendSet Summer 2018. From 7 to 9 July 2018, the 112th TrendSet invited trade visitors from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, northern Italy, and neighbouring European countries to Munich, and they came gladly in large numbers. The dates in July were ideal for ordering at an early point in time new products for Winter 2018/19 and, of course, for the coming Christmas business. The preview assortments of many exhibitors for new products in Spring/Summer 2019 were well received, which further increased order volumes, which were good.

TrendSet in Munich: The recipe for success is paying off.

What makes TrendSet so successful as an international trade fair for interiors, inspiration and lifestyle in its 56th year of existence? Why do about 65,000 trade visitors a year come to Munich to order the latest trendy products? Why are all the important manufacturers of the industry sector represented as exhibitors at TrendSet? For one thing, this is owing to Munich being an excellent location for exhibitions. The Bavarian state capital is conveniently located geographically in Europe. In addition to the good location, Munich’s esprit and infrastructure also attract a high-quality clientele to the trade fair. In addition, as a platform for trends, TrendSet makes the trends of the coming season available to its exhibitors and trade visitors as early as possible. As early as the end of each fair event, TrendSet gives a preview of the coming trends with its new central motif, the key trends, and colour cards. Through the TrendSet trend blog and in TrendSet social media channels, exhibitors and trade visitors can then become informed of the latest trends and products in the Interiors & Lifestyle sector for the coming season.

The three pillars of success

Why is TrendSet so special and, above all, so effective for exhibitors and industry attendees? TrendSet’s success rests on three firm pillars: (1) Customer-oriented pricing, (2) Trade fair productivity and (3) Observation of trends. Through the customer-oriented pricing for exhibitors and trade visitors, along with the focus on creating contacts, maintaining contacts, and ordering as a basis for the successful participation in the fair for exhibitors and industry attendees, TrendSet simply pays off. For TrendSet, customer orientation also means, in addition to perfect organisation, understanding changed needs and translating them into new additional offerings; for example, with the Topic Areas. TrendSet Newcomer, TrendSet Country & Style, TrendSet Bijoutex, and, very new, TrendSet Fine Arts are the answer to new trends in exhibiting product assortments. In the Topic Areas, overarching themes receive their own exhibition space that offers exhibitors access to new markets and new forms of selling. This is where TrendSet opens doors. And the TrendSet Preview concept, as well, offers even more possibilities, because the products for the season after the current one can be presented directly at a stand and give early information about trends. This is what TrendSet understands as demand-oriented merchandising: The clearly subdivided structure of the fair, which is distinctive in the market as regards its high diversity of product assortments and stringent qualification of exhibitors, increases productivity and efficiency and will soon open the way for exhibitors too to new forms of sales such as social selling. With comprehensive research into trends, TrendSet presents all important trends for the industry as early as six months before the start of the season as the first trade fair of the year for trends and ordering in Germany. The trend preview, which is based on own research and information from exhibitors, can function for the industry attendees of the fair as a guidepost for trends and a buying aid. The trends, along with corresponding products from exhibitors, are published at an early point in time in the TrendSet TrendBlog and TrendSet Journal. Together with the TrendSet Planner, these are sent before the fair to over 40,000 qualified contacts, allowing them to prepare for the fair optimally and thus to be able to save time at the fair itself.

TrendSet equipped for the future

“At a time at which the specialty trade and market are newly orienting themselves, TrendSet with its trade fair concept is a stable, established presentation platform. TrendSet shows the variety of assortments in its own way, thus creating clarity and an overview. This opens up opportunities to put together one’s truly own, not prefiltered assortment, especially for the coming forms of retail, such as concept stores. This makes possible the individuality of each retailer, whether stationary or online. Concept stores in particular need this variety to find  a unique product range. What counts here is a clearly structured overview without many distractions. Concept stores are usually smaller shops that have to make efficient and productive use of the valuable time at the fair to build up their unique assortments. TrendSet is the future concept for trade fairs in this sector with this trade fair concept, which is geared towards clarity, variety, and a top price-performance ratio,” summarises TrendSet Managing Director Tatjana Pannier

Inspiration, orders, and networking in 14 Interiors & Lifestyle Fair Areas

Buyers and top decision-makers of all forms of trade got informed of the new trends and products at TrendSet Summer 2018. And there was once again a lot to discover. In the TrendSet exhibition halls, which were at a comfortable temperature, the large and small, the industry leaders, niche suppliers, and newcomers displayed everything new and important for the coming winter and Christmas season and for the Summer 2019 preview in 14 Interiors & Lifestyle Fair Areas and four Topic Areas. Many contacts were again made at the fair. At about 21% of the whole, the internationality of the trade visitors remained constant compared to the previous year. The trade visitors from outside of Germany came increasingly from Austria, Switzerland, and Italy.

The four Topic Areas of TrendSet Summer 2018

The new Topic Area TrendSet Fine Arts started successfully at TrendSet Summer 2018. Trade visitors and gallery owners visited the artists at the newly created exhibition space for contemporary fine art in Hall A5. The artists were satisfied with their premiere at the fair. Experience and feedback from the market are now flowing into the further development of this Topic Area. TrendSet Bijoutex, with its innovations in costume jewellery and accessories as a valuable edge area, was very well received by concept stores in particular. In this summer, as in the past, TrendSet Newcomer ensured that new and interesting exhibitors are again at TrendSet and therefore manage to enter the market. So that this Topic Area can change in a continuously creative direction, the exhibitors are permitted to exhibit at TrendSet Newcomer only twice. Thereafter, they can exhibit at the standard space of TrendSet. TrendSet Country & Style once again won over industry attendees with creative Heimat collections. Through its geographic proximity to regions or countries with an affinity to traditional costumes, such as Austria, this Topic Area gives new market segments a unique presentation platform.

Exhibitors’ comments from the TrendSet Interiors & Lifestyle Fair Areas:

TrendSet Summer 2018 is running excellently. As early as the first day of the fair, there was a lot going on; we were able to record good orders. TrendSet in Munich is simply the right fair for us. This is where we meet our main customers from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
Olaf Spiller (Managing Director, Spiller Raumobjekte & Gartenkultur)

We are satisfied with how the fair is running. Particularly on the second day of the fair, the Sunday, we had good orders. Our Preview articles, as well, were already ordered. TrendSet has simply worked well for years. We’ve always been a part of it.
Alexander Waap (Managing Director, Casablanca)

The rate at which we’re getting visitors is lower this time, but in exchange we have higher order figures. It seems like fewer people per store are coming, but are ordering more. The TrendSet team is great — really eager to help, attentive, and cooperative.
Jane Schotters (Commercial Agent for van verre)

As always, the fair is consistently positive; the order volume is good.
Rainer Fischer (Managing Director, Goldbach Eckhard Commercial Agency)

TrendSet is super. The first day of the fair was already good, but the second day, the Sunday, is incredible. The people are swarming in and want to order. Besides many regular customers, we have about 20% new customers at our stand.
René Venema (Managing Director, Lazis)

The timing of TrendSet Summer is good. And the location is perfect. The planning and the logistics of the fair are optimal. Praise for the TrendSet exhibition management: Everything is quite ingenious. TrendSet is a MUST for our customers. The attractiveness of this top fair continues to grow. We are also pleased to welcome a large number of new customers to our stand.
Peter Kwoka (Managing Director, Kwoka Floristik)

Many customers from Austria, Italy, and Switzerland come to us here. The fair days are successful for us. We are completely satisfied at TrendSet Summer 2018.
Jörg Winterhagen (Managing Director, CLASSICO Modern Living)

The fair is as positive as last summer’s event. TrendSet brings a good increase again and again. Many new customers come to the stand as well. It’s always a lot of fun to be at TrendSet in Munich. It’s simply a top fair, perfectly organised, established, and geographically ideally situated. The customer comes to Munich. That’s how it is.
Pascal Teitink (International Sales Manager, Jodeco Glass)

We are very satisfied here at TrendSet in Munich. Already on the first day of the fair, our stand was well visited. TrendSet Summer 2018 is well frequented and there is a lot of ordering going on.
Anke de Haas (Exhibition Management, VOSTEEN)

We have been at TrendSet for decades and have always had success here. TrendSet not only runs well, but is also well organised. At the end, we always leave here with a plus. There is heavy visitor traffic and a high volume of orders, too. Everyone simply comes to Munich.
Nico Attasio (Managing Director, DECORAMA)

We are satisfied with how the fair is running. The trade visitors here always come with a goal in mind and are well prepared. Unusual products, too, are well received. We were able to welcome many Austrian customers and interested parties to our stand. You can tell that there’s a higher level of purchasing power in the south.
Kristin Czernakowski (Marketing & Sales, trendfleur)

Our stand is full. We have a lot of visitors and are generating a lot of orders here at TrendSet Summer 2018. For us, this fair is so interesting because here, we can completely cover our customers from southern Germany, Italy, and Austria.
Marcel d-Haan (Regional Account Manager, Light & Living)

At TrendSet, one can find a super quality of buyers. Our order volume here at TrendSet Summer 2018 is more than satisfying. We are happy in Munich.
Arnold Maier (Managing Director, AM-Design)

A lot of trade visitors come to Munich for TrendSet, even from northern Germany. We have a lot of orders this time, too. The selection at TrendSet is large and varied; the quality is right. The visitors here like that. They come and order too. TrendSet is simply an established trade fair in the industry.
Karl-Heinz Burger (Sales Management, ARTE Wohnaccessoires)

We are very satisfied at TrendSet Summer 2018. The order books are full and we were able to gain many new customers. Preview products, which take up about 25% of the exhibition space at our stand, were also well ordered. We are completely satisfied with TrendSet and always like to come here.
Timm Exner (Managing Director, Exner Garten- und Wohnaccessoires)

We are at TrendSet for the first time and are very pleased. Many new customers and also regulars have visited us here at our stand.
Matthias Zinkl (Business Development Manager, Rohleder)

We are satisfied with how TrendSet Summer 2018 is going. Our product assortment is being well received here.
Florian Hofer (Executive Management, Florex)

Although this year, we have fewer visitors coming to our stand than in the previous year, we have reached the same level of sales. At the end, orders and quality are right.
Cornelis Mulder (Managing Director, Cor Mulder)

There’s a very positive mood at TrendSet. We are getting a good response to our collection and the orders are running. TrendSet is still getting stronger. We are very satisfied here.
Hans Christian Hagen (Managing Director, Eagle Products)

The fair is simply running excellently. So many new customers and regular customers. So much is being ordered.
Dorothee Lehnen (Managing Director, dorothee lehnen)

We are satisfied with the ordering behaviour at TrendSet Summer 2018. We are meeting our regular customers here and were also able to gain new customers.
Kristina Krupkova (Pad Home Design)

TrendSet Summer 2018 is running at top speed. We sold a lot. On the third day of the fair, Monday, things calmed down a bit, but on that day all the major customers came. TrendSet in Munich is good for us because we can work the entire southern German, Austria, and Swiss market here. Everything simply works super at TrendSet.
Bjarne Jepsen (Sales Director, IB Laursen)

We are here in Hall A2 for the first time and very satisfied. The orders are good. There are numerous visitors. We will come again next summer.
Schiwa Saadat (Design & Entwicklung, FAIRWERK)

TrendSet Summer 2018 is running really well for us. We like TrendSet. We are happy to be here. A wonderful trade fair.
Ciska Jansen (Managing Director, Only Natural)

Everything always works optimally at TrendSet. The way the fair runs is planned and well structured. The visitors are satisfied. TrendSet Summer 2018 is very good for us. We have good orders and our preview products are also running well.
Philip Lang (Managing Director, Lang Kunstgewerbe)

The support and preparation of the fair is really great at TrendSet. The team does a good job. We have many visitors at our stand, particularly on the second day of the fair. Many Austrians are also coming to us. We are satisfied with our orders.
Camilla Vencke Christiansen (Export Coordinator, ROSENDAHL DESIGN GROUP)

We have met a lot of our regular customers here at TrendSet. Our figures for ordering are correspondingly good. We have also gained new customers here.
Elisabeth Rosenkranz (Managing Director, No Gallery)

We are satisfied with TrendSet Summer 2018. Our regular customers are here. TrendSet is one of the few trade fairs where direct ordering takes place. The halls and facilities are good.
Alexander Dorau (Key Account Manager, Ritzenhof & Breker)

Our product ranges are being received well here — particularly the festive things with a view to the Christmas business. It’s always good at TrendSet. Our regular customers are here.
Lena Billo (Managing Director, Tudi Billo)

My product is running well here at TrendSet Country & Style. I was able to acquire new customers and interested parties here. Even the floristry trade stopped in to see me here.
Philip Storring (Managing Director, Zwitscherbox)

We are at TrendSet Newcomer for the first time and it’s running well here. The target audience of the trade fair is right. We are getting good feedback and have already taken several orders. The mood is great; we have nice conversations; the support from TrendSet is super. TrendSet Newcomer is a good opportunity for us; we can probe the market too here. We will come again.
Marije Moors (Double Dutch Agency)

The presentation here at TrendSet Fine Arts is very well done. The stands are generously sized. The concept is being well accepted by the visitors. The seating areas have become quiet zones in which the industry attendees switch off and can let themselves be inspired by the art around them.
Britta Dion, Painter

With its generous ambience reminiscent of a gallery, TrendSet Fine Arts is very well made. The visitors here come from everywhere. This is a good area to make contacts.
Derek Henthorn/The Art Echo, Photographer

At the TrendSet Bijoutex everything is working out wonderfully. The team is very nice and helpful; the organization is top-notch. The visitors still come to us, but we notice that our segment is a little saturated. But we actually see this in a positive light, because this may be an opportunity to get the market moving again.
Heinrich Lunemann (Managing Director, Lumani)

Trends for Winter 2018/19

Products, innovations, und highlights at TrendSet Summer 2018 followed the motto “Design for all senses”. Sustainability, nature, and quality put their stamp on many of the exhibited styles for the coming winter. Saturated, lightly mystical colours matched exciting haptics and 3D effects. Modern elegance, urban naturalness, clear harmony, and a glamourous purism are the various stylistic expressions in interiors and accessories. For Christmas, cool colour combinations such as white and silver often rule. Exotic subjects of the last season such as flamingo or parrot will be joined in Winter 2018/19 by further subjects such as cactuses or palm and philodendron leaves in all sorts of designs. Particularly striking is the decoration trend with alienated animal figures, whether as Christmas tree ornaments or winter decorations. Dressed up, dressed in glitter, or adorned with feather boas or crowns, pigs, sloths, pandas, and all kinds of fauna romp around in the wintery room. Whimsical alpacas are particularly popular here.

Generally, the main theme of the last season, “nature,” is being carried on. Recycled materials and haptic surfaces mix with ethnic and cultural influences from all over the world. Seemingly contradictory styles, such as tradition and modernity, maximalism and minimalism, create exciting new things in dual harmony. And retrospective designs from the seventies, eighties, and nineties serve as the basis for new and creative ideas.

Facts on TrendSet Summer 2018

TrendSet 112th International Trade Fair for Interiors, Inspiration and Lifestyle
from Saturday, 7 July to Monday, 9 July 2018
at Messe München (Munich Trade Fair Center)
in Halls A1 to A6 and B1 to B2.

Trade visitors 28,976 (-3.47%)
Key countries of the international attendees Austria, Switzerland, northern Italy, Czech Republic, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary
Brands and collections 2,500
Percentage of international brand collections (exhibitors) > 50 %
Area of exhibition centre 115,000 sqm
Exhibition space 100,000 sqm
Exhibition focus 14 TrendSet Interiors & Lifestyle Fair Areas

·     Decorations & Accessories

·     Home & Textiles

·     Furniture & Lighting

·     Kitchen & Tabletop

·     Food & Drink

·     Gifts & Fun

·     Spirituals & Souvenirs

·     Christmas & Seasonals

·     Floristry & Garden

·     Stationery & Papery

·     Office & School

·     Hobbies & Toys

·     Fashion & Jewellery

·     Beauty & Wellness

Four TrendSet Topic Areas ·     TrendSet Country & Style | Heimat Collections

·     TrendSet Newcomer | Young Collections

·     TrendSet Fine Arts | Contemporary Fine Art

·     TrendSet Bijoutex | Accessories

TrendSet Winter 2019 is taking place from 3–5 January 2019.