Interiors & Lifestyle trends for Autumn/Winter 2019.20 from TrendSet Summer 2019

From 6 to 8 July at TrendSet Summer 2019, approximately 2,500 brands and collections from around 40 countries around the world representing the new trends and products in Interiors & Lifestyle for Autumn/Winter 2019.20 and beyond were shown. On about 100,000 square metres of exhibition space, trade visitors had the opportunity to discover and order the new articles for living, dining, leisure, and giving for the next season, and in part for the season after the next. The trends reflected in the products were just as inspiring as full of variety.

Christmas was very present in the exhibition halls of TrendSet. While the summer sun shone outdoors in the Bavarian blue sky, Christmas baubles and Christmas decorations were glittering brightly indoors. The exhibitors at TrendSet Summer 2019 presented their new products for Autumn/Winter 2019.20 along with Christmas articles. There were playful and original designs to see along with pure designs and shapes in tune with nature. A wide variety of styles from modern to retro were casually mixed. Imaginative furniture, experimental lamps, and creative decorations create a good mood. Designs with nostalgic borrowings from various decades and epochs bring cosiness into winter rooms. The continuing trend of nature is given a mystical touch with elements from the flora and fauna of the local forest and irregular surfaces.

Trends in Autumn/Winter 2019.20

The theme of nature acts as the model for many ideas, but is implemented in Autumn/Winter 2019.20 in different ways. Animal motifs from woods and meadows are, creatively distorted, absolutely on trend. Swans of purple velvet and deer with sequins and glittering antlers romp about next to rabbits, pigs, and dogs in brocade suits. A wintry landscape for the home arises from silver-coloured objects composed of white-frosted natural elements such as twigs, woods, or pinecones. Metallic pink completes the delicate silver look. Sustainability is becoming ever more important for many products. Fragrances and soaps are often vegan and materials often are certified. Marbled surfaces create liquid looks on tables and decorations. Owls carry the mystical symbolism of universal knowledge and wisdom from the forest into the home this winter. They come very pure or, alternatively in funny disguises. Mushrooms should not be missing from any decoration. Vintage and Shabby Chic continue to hold their own, but are interpreted more luxuriously. Wood is often refined with gold. Vessels and objects radiate a lot of authenticity with organic shapes, irregular surfaces, and patterns from nature. Smoked glass in matte tones, often decorated with silver, shows itself in harmonious purism. Wild animals such as cockatoos, peacocks, cobras, and leopards make their appearance as silver figures. The colours are dominated by warm shades in Autumn/Winter 2019.20. Particularly saffron is combined with green, purple, hot pink, silver, and gold.

Trends for Christmas 2019

From Dark Glam to Modern Classics and Cool X-Mas, all sorts of things are available in the way of decorations for Christmas 2019. Black and dark purple combined with matte gold to form glamourous Christmas styles. Nostalgic motifs and figures are interpreted in a modern way in the trend colours. The classic Christmas colours of red and green look modern in many tones and hues from fir green to apple green and from deep red to hot pink. Gold is applied matte or in light or rosé tones. Light purple and pastels are coolly set centre stage with a lot of white and silver. Objects and decorations often look frosted and glitter like frozen ice. Even seemingly foreign Christmas motifs such as fish, octopus, peacocks, sparrows, cola cans, and cars are given a Christmas-like look with shimmering trend colours.

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More on the Interiors & Lifestyle Trends A/W 2019.20 (in German):

TrendSet – 114th International Trade Fair for Interiors, Inspiration and Lifestyle
from Saturday, 6 July to Monday, 8 July 2019 at Messe München (Munich Trade Fair Center) in Halls A1 to A3, B1 to B3, and C1 to C2.

• Trade visitors: 29,057 (+0.28%)
• Key countries of the international visitors from the industry: Austria, Switzerland, northern Italy, Czech Republic, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Slovenia,         Slovakia, Hungary
• Brands and collections: 2,500
• Percentage of international branded collections (exhibitors): more than 50%
• Area of exhibition centre/Exhibition space: 115,000 sqm/100,000 sqm
• 15 TrendSet Interiors & Lifestyle Fair Areas
• Four TrendSet Topic Areas

TrendSet Winter 2020 is taking place 5–7 January 2020.

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