Interiors & Lifestyle Trends for Spring/Summer 2019 from TrendSet Winter 2019

Invitations from TrendSet Winter 2019 to start the order season for Summer 2019 in Munich went out and the industry came. From 3 to 5 January 2019, 31,057 buyers and top decision-makers from all forms of trade streamed into the exhibition halls of TrendSet at Messe München to draw inspiration and obtain new products for the coming season and partly even the season after the next. It was the first event of the new year in Munich for trends. At TrendSet Winter 2019, exhibitors from around the globe showed the newest trends for living, dining, leisure, and giving for Spring/Summer 2019.

Three days of trends, ordering, and dialogue: That was TrendSet Winter 2019. TrendSet Winter 2019 in January was the industry’s first trade fair of the year to show the new trends and trend products in the Interiors & Lifestyle sector for Spring/Summer 2019. The excellent exhibition location of Munich once again attracted a high-quality clientele to the fair. Trade visitors from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, northern Italy, and the neighbouring European member states became informed in 14 Interiors & Lifestyle Fair Areas and four Topic Areas of which trends are coming, which are going, and which are lingering.

Trends in Spring/Summer 2019

Spring and Summer 2019 are characterised by a variety of design directions. Modern, purist, rural, luxurious, artistic, or colourful—what is possible is what pleases and gives pleasure. Elements from nature are integrated into living space or artificially prepared. Furniture and decorations with country cosiness are an expression of the general longing for calmness and security both inside and outside the city. Three-dimensional effects are coming on strong especially in the area of living accessories. Comfort is at the fore no matter what the direction. Soft materials, haptic surfaces, and soft structures bring tranquilly to the designs. Colours and shapes characterise—from pastel to neon, from pure to expressionistic—a wide variety of styles. In fashion, bold loans from the Eighties combine with cheerful hippie styles from the Seventies to meet the modern streetwear of today. Mixed with a dash of casual elegance and tropical and folkloric accents, cool new looks are created. “Staycations” and “vacations at home” is the motto of many floral decorations in Spring/Summer 2019. Balconies and terraces become small islands of restoration. Exotic designs containing southern flora and fauna such as palms, parrots, or philodendrons bring tropical flair to summers in Europe. Decorations exude tranquillity in pale neutrals. Geometric patterns on raffia baskets, pots, and decorations bring folksy boho styles to both interiors and exteriors.

Easter trends in Spring 2019

The trend toward artistic, colourful motifs mixed with various ethnic styles is also expressed in Spring 2019 in colourful and cheerful Easter decorations. Many eggs, chickens, and Easter bunnies sport the casual boho-chic style. Three-dimensional effects are artistically set in scene just as much as iridescent, glittering, or metallic surfaces. Easter greetings come correspondingly colourfully and intricately, or in contrastingly on minimalistic cards with a lot of black and gold. DIY looks are totally on trend. In Spring 2019, a rural homemade attitude is present as well. Natural materials in earthy colours inspired by nature bring a touch of country manor atmosphere into the Easter decorations. Simple silhouettes have a purist and stylist effect. Delicate pastel colours along with a lot of rose and pink with glitter seem to be subtly luxurious. Slogans, graphics, and prints add a touch of humour to the decorations, just like playful shapes such as fried eggs and rabbit ears. Calligraphy gives Easter cards with puristic designs a touch of nostalgia and warmth.

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TrendSet—113th International Trade Fair for Interiors, Inspiration und Lifestyle

from Thursday, 3 January to Saturday, 5 January 2019 at Messe München (Munich Trade Fair Center) in Halls B1 to B4 and C1 to C4 with 14 TrendSet Interiors & Lifestyle Fair Areas and four TrendSet Topic Areas.

  • Trade visitors: 31,057 (-15.42%)
  • Key countries of the international trade visitors: Austria, Switzerland, northern Italy, Czech Republic, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary
  • Brands and collections: 2,500
  • Percentage of international branded collections (exhibitors): >50%
  • Area of exhibition centre/exhibition space: 115,000 sqm/100,000 sqm

TrendSet Summer 2019 is taking place from 6–8 July 2019.