TrendSet Winter 2020: the Interiors & Lifestyle trends for Spring/Summer 2020

Around 2,500 brands and collections from about 40 countries of the world presented their latest products for Spring/Summer 2020 and the coming Easter festival at TrendSet Winter 2020 from 5 to 7 January 2020 in Munich, Germany. The nearly 33,000 trade visitors from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, northern Italy, and neighbouring European member states discovered and ordered the latest products for living, dining, leisure, and giving in eight exhibition halls for the coming season and partly the season after next. The trends at the fair varied from pastel to colourful and from rural to glamourous.

Outdoors cold and wintry, indoors warm and hygge – at TrendSet Winter 2020, exhibitors presented interiors, decorations, fashions, jewellery, accessories, and lifestyle products for the coming spring/summer season. The decorations for Easter 2020 were shown at TrendSet in Munich mainly in delicate pastels, silver and white, gold and glitter, and rural designs. In general, the interior designs are characterized by metallic colours and surfaces. Nothing in 2020 comes without gold. Animal figures from local and exotic fauna, which are amusingly dressed or modified, are full on trend. In most designs, the basic tenor is the theme of nature, which is implemented in a cosy, rural, modern, colourful, or urban way.

Trends in Spring/Summer 2020

The theme of nature continues to dominate many designs in the Interiors & Lifestyle sector. Cosiness is in the foreground of many designs. Whether wood, metal, or glass – materials receive a lot of attention with their various surface treatments. Metallic colours shimmer in pastels, gold, or silver, and matte or shiny. Toned glass additionally sets warm accents. Ombré and mixed gradients are reminiscent of the sun, summer, beach, and sea. Animals are the hits par excellence when it comes to decorations in Spring/Summer 2020. For entertainment, they are dressed up in chic, rural, or humorous clothes. Porcelain pigs in pink tutus dance next to metal rabbits in noble brocade robes. Animal themes, including artistically altered ones, decorate walls and rooms during the next season. Enchanting fairies and delicate elves compete with glittering sequins in the spring bouquet. In addition to pastel shades, the new season features a lot of lime green and turquoise, often with floral patterns in Miami Art Deco style. Delicate, robust, or colourful scattered flowers on cushions, scarves, skirts and dresses bring a new romanticism to the designs. Fashion pieces, bags, and accessories are often cool metallic, glamorously glittering, or colourful and cheerful. Ethno patterns suggest earthy calm. Vintage furniture and interiors in Shabby Chic are comfortably modernised with matte colours and pastels. This is in line with the trend of decorating large-mesh cushions, pillows, and throws with a raw, natural look, even in summer.

Easter 2020 trends

At Easter, objects are shimmering and glittering in pastels, yellow, silver in combination with white, and especially in heaps and heaps of gold. In addition to being made of porcelain, ceramics, and wood – all materials that are also occasionally refined with metallic colours – most rabbits, chickens, and their friends are made of metal for Easter 2020. In addition to the classic gold tone, warm rosé gold is also on trend. Matte, frosted, or shiny, the metal surfaces create cool, urban, or noble expressions. Many long eared hares also make themselves extra-fine for Easter by dressing up nicely. The Easter eggs are classically painted, celebrated in a rural scene, reduced in glass or metal, and lavishly decorated with feathers. Large bunny figures, rural subjects, and funny themes and motifs make Easter a happy, cosy celebration in town and country.

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TrendSet – 115th International Trade Fair for Interiors, Inspiration and Lifestyle

from Sunday, 5 January to Tuesday, 7 January 2020 at Messe München (Munich Trade Fair Center) in Halls A1 to A4 and B1 to B4.

  • Trade visitors : 32,955 (+6,11 %)
  • Key countries of the international trade visitors: Austria, Switzerland, northern Italy, France, Netherlands,
    Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary
  • Brands and collections: 2,500
  • Percentage of international branded collections (exhibitors): Greater than 50 %
  • Area of exhibition centre/Exhibition space: 115,000 qm/100,000 qm
  • 15 TrendSet Interiors & Lifestyle Fair Areas
  • Four TrendSet Topic Areas

TrendSet Summer 2020 is taking place from 11 to 13 July 2020.

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