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Artefact Tanqueray

My artwork "Artifact Alcoholic" is a creative transformation of old art bottles, once used by painters. These unique glass pieces, over 100 years old, exude a unique magic. By relabeling them with well-known alcohol brands using a mixed technique of printing, acrylic paint and oil pastels, they are brought to a new meta-level. This work is also still available in the original, size 80x120cm on 4cm stretcher with canvas, price: 3.200 €.


Paint by Numbers

Create a masterpiece with our wonderful paint by numbers kits, allowing anyone to re-create one of Hannah's best-loved designs. Perfect for anyone who likes to paint, once finished, the paint by numbers canvas artboard can be framed and will make a statement in any home. Beautifully packaged in an illustrated box, the kit will also make a great gift for any lover of art or wildlife.



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