Christine Heinrich

C-I- HEINRICH // Panta Rhei // Abstract Painter My free working method opens spaces, parallel worlds, universes, also in the imagination of the viewer. Panta Rhei - my pictures arise in free flow. This is aimed on the one hand at the consciously chosen stylistic freedom, on the other hand at the goal of creating from a contemplative, free, intuitive flow when working: non-objective and unintentional. Nevertheless, many traces can be found in it. And through many layers of transparent paint or opaque application, stories emerge. In it, the unconscious flows together with images from the material world, the boundaries [...]


räder. Flechterei Schalen.

Mit einer Hommage an traditionelle Handarbeit kommen die FLECHTEREI Schalen daher. Sie bieten im Dining oder Living Bereich ideale Hingucker, um Alltagsschätze zu präsentieren. Bei dieser Technik des Porzellanhandwerks werden die Stränge per Hand verflochten, sodass ein sorgsam bearbeitetes Produkt entsteht. These bowls or trays are a homage to traditional DIY work. They offer stunning highlights to your living or dining room and are perfect for displaying everyday treasures, decoration or fruits. The technique used to make them requires to overlap the straws by hand and creates a stunning look that is very unusual for porcelain.



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