DIE KUNST ZU LEBEN – MAS DU ROSEAU Entschleunigen, sich verwöhnen lassen, lieben, entdecken,  spielen, lernen, lachen… Mehr verantwortungsvoller Konsum zum Wohlfühlen. „Wir stellen umweltbewusste Produkte in Handarbeit her,  wobei die Liste der Inhaltsstoffe auf das Wesentliche reduziert ist!“ Aus dem Herzen der Provence – aus Marseille



Das Natürliche, die Umwelt und Ihre gepflegte Haut - darauf richtet La Savonnerie De La Drome seine Prioritäten. Alle Rohstoffe werden streng ausgewählt und der Prozess während aller Herstellungsphasen in der Manufaktur nördlich von Montélimar in der Drôme Provençale kontrolliert...


PIFFANY Copenhagen ApS

Piffany Copenhagen is an international design company, with Danish roots, committed to bringing unique designs to life through meticulous and considered craftsmanship. Striving to achieve the balance between functional practicality and minimal elegance, each element of every piece has purpose and personality. We curate a collection of pieces that our customers come to cherish for their uniqueness as much as for their functionality, as they find their special place within homes across the globe. Our range includes a number of bespoke collections for personal and commercial use and comes from a collaboration with both new and established artists and designers. Quality and craftsmanship are the cornerstones of our offering, as our team work passionately to create exceptional pieces to last a lifetime. Browse our Uyuni Lighting collection of high-quality, real wax, dimmable LED candles [...]


Soap dish in two parts

Beautiful earthenware soap dish in two parts, which ensures easy cleaning. The green colour gives a retro look to your bathroom or kitchen. Earthenware is fired harder than ceramics and is therefore very durable. In addition to the green, the soap dish is also available in 2 other colours; butter cream and brown. See them all here:


SHAVENT Blade protector from colorful cork

Practical, beautiful and so delicate - with the SHAVENT blade protector you can transport the SHAVENT safely. ✅ Perfect fit for the SHAVENT metal razor ✅ Strong colour on the outside and natural cork flair on the inside meet soft feel that almost reminds you of leather ✅ Durable and sustainable natural material: cork oaks persist even after the cork harvest and, when peeled, even absorb 3-5 times more CO2 ✅ Noble ball pocket buttons and elegant laser engraving round off the design Practically elegant, naturally durable, made with dedication in a family manufactory in Portugal.


SHAVENT ETUI in colorful cork

So beautiful, so delicate - the SHAVENT case made of cork brings colour into play. ✅ Perfect fit for your SHAVENT - but also suitable for other razors or as a valuable pencil case. ✅ Strong colour on the outside and natural cork flair on the inside meet soft feel, almost reminiscent of leather ✅ Long-lasting and sustainable natural material: cork oaks continue to exist even after the cork is harvested and, when peeled, even absorb 3-5 times the amount of CO2 ✅ Noble ball pocket buttons and elegant laser engraving round off the design Strikingly elegant, naturally durable, made [...]


SHAVENT metal razor with flexible razor head: Shaving comfort & elegant quality Made in Germany

COMFORTABLE AS USUAL, SUSTAINABLE AS NEVER BEFORE. The high-quality SHAVENT metal razor with flexible head combines the full comfort of modern drugstore razors with the clear advantages of classic metal shaving. Top shaving results - thorough, safe, less skin irritation High-quality metal, flexible swing head - lasting comfort without unsightly plastic or rubber Elegant, high-quality design - visual opluence for the bathroom Ø 60€ savings every year with standard razor blades instead of replaceable heads Premium quality Made in Germany - family-owned, durable by design   ELEGANCE AND DURABILITY HIGH QUALITY METAL, OPULENT OPTICS - VALUE FROM THE FIRST HANDLE. [...]


Basen-Mineralbadesalz 500g

Das allergenfreie Basen-Mineralbadesalz beinhaltet ein feinkörniges natürliches Mineralsalz aus dem Toten Meer, Rügener Heilkreide und das Carbonat sowie Bicarbonat des Natriums. Das vom Toten Meer gewonnene Salz ist von höchster Qualität. Badesalze eignen sich hervorragend für trockene, auch für zu Neurodermitis neigende Haut. Der Zusatz von Rügener Heilkreide, Natriumcarbonat und -bicarbonat führt dazu, dass ein basischer pH-Wert um 8,5 erzeugt wird. Das Basische Mineralbad unterstützt effektiv die Entgiftungsfunktion der Haut und hilft darüber hinaus, dass unser Bewegungsapparat fit bleibt. Auch für Sprudel-Fußwannen geeignet!


Make-up remover wipes set

Washable makeup remover wipes. Softness This kit is composed of 5 wipes in double-sided organic cotton, a curly and smooth side and a washing net. It is display in a reusable cotton pouch. This kit is a real ecological alternative for a whole make-up removal. Contains 5 wipes. Made in France



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