HanSen Ovis GmbH

HanSen Ovis GmbH is a small family business in the Salzburg lake district with a focus on high-quality care products with organic sheep's milk. Ovis soaps convince with their exceptionally mild recipe and outstanding quality. After saponification of the vegetable oils, caring ingredients such as almond oil, shea butter and organic sheep's milk are added to the Ovis soap. The gentle production method (temperature of the mass always remains below 40°C) preserves the beneficial properties of each ingredient. Thus, even with frequent washing, the skin is protected and does not dry out. Ovis soaps are suitable for all skin types [...]


brushes and shaving acessories

100 brush strokes a day! Due to a similar structure to human hair, the boar bristles are able to absorb excess sebum from the hair cell and distribute it evenly to the tips during brushing in order to care for them. The hair care brush reaches through the hair to the scalp with its staggered punched bristles. The hardness and elasticity of the boar bristles ensure a good grip on the scalp, the hair cells are stimulated and better supplied with blood. In addition, brushing cleanses and detoxifies the scalp. The hair should be brushed with even pressure in all [...]


cosmetic brushes

For beauty inside and out: cosmetic brushes Every cosmetic routine is as individual as the face whose personality it underlines. It is all the more important that not only the products are tailored to your own needs - but also the method of application. The right cosmetic brush can also make an important difference here. That's why we tailor the shape and texture of the brushes in our Kost Kamm cosmetic range to the individual intended use. Whether pony hair, goat hair or synthetic and therefore vegan synthetic hair. Whether maple, dyed plywood or birch wood: the combination makes the [...]



About Kost Kamm: Our family business Our wealth of experience of the old guild of comb makers is based on our family history. For several generations, our ancestors have been comb makers. By combining traditional craftsmanship and the application of new techniques, we are able to produce combs that meet our high standards of functionality, sustainability and design beauty. For the product development and design of our combs, brushes, shaving and jewellery articles, attention to detail in colour and design is crucial. The trusting cooperation with our customers, suppliers and employees and the respectful treatment of nature form the basis [...]


Schwammtuch „Abwasch“

Digitalisierung gut und schön – aber für die wirklich wichtigen Dinge wurde immer noch keine kluge Lösung gefunden, wie es scheint… Oder warum müssen wir uns sonst immer noch damit beschäftigen, manches per Hand zu spülen und Oberflächen zu putzen? Aber da wir uns lieber freuen als ärgern, versuchen wir es einfach mal mit diesem Schwammtuch: Wenn es schon keine magischen Fähigkeiten hat, sieht es zumindest toll aus, und eignet sich zum Putzen mindestens genauso gut wie als Deko-Element für die Küche.


Chic Antique A/S

chicantique.dk Chic Antique is the epitome of French country style with a rustic look combined with elegant details and a whole lot of French romance and charm. Chic Antique was founded in 2005 by owner Bente Kienast, and our design and style arises from Bente’s passion for beautiful French flea market finds. The dream arose in the flea markets in southern France’s hot summers, where owners Bente and her husband Allan Kienast often found that the markets’ small stalls concealed gorgeous items from the past that deserved new life. Beautiful objects with a story, from back when grandmother was young. [...]


Tranquillo GmbH

TRANQUILLO follows a path to make the world more colourful and sustainable. Founded in 2002, the German brand TRANQUILLO draws inspiration from around the world and offers a wide range of original fashion and colourful lifestyle products such as soap dishes, home textiles and accessories, tableware, knobs, hooks as well as bags and purses. Tranquillo is a family business with headquarters in Dresden and supplies wholesalers from all over the world. Fairness and sustainability have been at the heart of our business from the very beginning. We only work with manufacturers who pay fair wages and have a high level [...]


Schwammtuch “Frau sucht…”

Unser Geschirrtuch „Frau sucht...“ ist eine humorvolle Hommage an die kleinen Abenteuer des Alltags. Das Design ist schlicht, aber ausdrucksstark und bringt eine Prise Humor in die Routine des Abwaschs. Es erinnert daran, dass das Leben mit einem Augenzwinkern viel bunter ist. Aus nachhaltigen Materialien hergestellt, ist dieses Geschirrtuch nicht nur umweltfreundlich, sondern auch eine stilvolle Ergänzung für deine Küche. Es erzählt eine kleine Geschichte über das Suchen und die vielen überraschenden Entdeckungen, die das Leben bereithält. Vielleicht findet Frau" auf dem Geschirrtuch nicht immer das, was sie sucht, aber sie entdeckt auf ihrer Suche bestimmt etwas Wertvolles. Wie im [...]



Holzkämme, Hornkämme, Haarbürsten, Rasierzubehör, Kosmetikpinsel, Körperpflegebürsten, Haarschmuck



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