Die Aura Sprays wurden von Verena Ofarim entwickelt , um dein Wohlbefinden zu fördern und positive Energie in der Umgebung zu verbreiten.



Familiengeführtes Unternehmen, hochwertige Produkte, Made in England


HanSen Ovis GmbH

HanSen Ovis GmbH is a small family business in the Salzburg lake district with a focus on high-quality care products with organic sheep's milk. Ovis soaps convince with their exceptionally mild recipe and outstanding quality. After saponification of the vegetable oils, caring ingredients such as almond oil, shea butter and organic sheep's milk are added to the Ovis soap. The gentle production method (temperature of the mass always remains below 40°C) preserves the beneficial properties of each ingredient. Thus, even with frequent washing, the skin is protected and does not dry out. Ovis soaps are suitable for all skin types [...]


Cosmetic-Set by TTM!

Would you like an exquisite cosmetics organiser that stores your daily make-up utensils in a place you can comfortably reach with your fingertips? With the practical cosmetic case in a set of 3, your favourite items are always perfectly stowed away when travelling. Available in different colours. Size: L: 23x15x16,5 cm M: 20,5x13x13,5 cm S: 19x10x11 cm


AUGENSTOLZ – schöner Lesen

SCHÖNER LESEN mit Augenstolz. Wir haben Freude daran - für unsere Kunden farbenfrohe, pfiffige und topmodische Fertiglesebrillen zu gestalten, - durchgängig gute Qualität unserer Produkte zu gewährleisten, - den bestmöglichen Service zu bieten und - im Bedarfsfall mit unseren Kunden eine Lösung für unsere Kunden zu finden. Wir bieten Ihnen - transparente, marktgerechte Konditionen - Fokussierung auf den Vertrieb über lokale Fachhändler - Hohe Produktverfügbarkeit - kosteneffizienten Direktvertrieb ohne Außendienst - laufende Kollektionserweiterungen - Produkte entsprechend der geltenden gesetzlichen Vorschriften Wir sind - ein kleines, inhabergeführtes Unternehmen - verliebt in unsere Produkte - stolz auf unsere Kunden Und wir freuen [...]


Shower turban FROTTEE

SHOWER TURBAN TERRY CLOTH Comfortable, lightweight shower turban made of soft, high quality terry cloth. A shower turban that holds your hair without slipping or pulling. Finally, no more heavy towel that opens again at the slightest movement, And so that the blow-drying is particularly fast, most of the moisture is already as far as possible before. One-Size: For you and our little ones only the best, so Oeko Tex Standard 100 is an absolute requirement for me and all other products. Werkvoll stands for sustainable design and high quality workmanship, stylish and timeless The turban is sewn exclusively in [...]


cosmetic brushes

For beauty inside and out: cosmetic brushes Every cosmetic routine is as individual as the face whose personality it underlines. It is all the more important that not only the products are tailored to your own needs - but also the method of application. The right cosmetic brush can also make an important difference here. That's why we tailor the shape and texture of the brushes in our Kost Kamm cosmetic range to the individual intended use. Whether pony hair, goat hair or synthetic and therefore vegan synthetic hair. Whether maple, dyed plywood or birch wood: the combination makes the [...]



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