Roomspray 100ml Cotton- Fleurs & Écorces

Shiny gold caps for elegant products The flower and bark pattern depicted on the labels he glass bottle of the home fragrance in lacquered white or black. The refill bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic. Available in 6 fragrances: Cotton, Neroli, Peony, Cedar, Ebony and Black Rose


Reed diffuser 200ml Ebony – Fleurs & Écorces

A precious hot gold contrasting with the power of black collection paper. A design representing a stylized bark. A new retro-style bottle, lacquered in black. A wax seal with the Collines de Provence rose– the detail to perfect the bouquet. The pattern of the case decorates the bottle's neck A new cap for an elegant object Available in 6 fragrances: Cotton, Neroli, Peony, Cedar, Ebony and Black Rose



A beautiful lantern, to make the late nights in summer even cozier Its sleek and trendy design makes it very easy to carry along With ribbed glass for the extra touch when a candle is lit


Bumblebees in the meadow

Jeder kennt die Biene; ein wertvolles und faszinierendes Insekt, das so viel für den Menschen bedeutet; und jetzt die Hauptrolle in unserem wunderschönen Serviettendesign "Bumblebees in the meadow" spielt. Die köstlich duftenden, lila gefärbten Blumen vereinen sich mit dem sumsenden Treiben von Bienen und Hummeln. Dieses liebliche und fröhliche Serviettendesign bringt die Schönheit der Natur direkt an die Tische Ihrer Kunden. Bienen und Hummeln sind unverzichtbar für unsere Welt. Sie spielen eine entscheidende Rolle bei der Bestäubung von Blumen und Pflanzen, was für unsere Nahrung und die Biodiversität von entscheidender Bedeutung ist. Unsere Serie "Bumblebees in the meadow" feiert nicht [...]



Hier erwarten dich tolle Produkte in zeitlosem Design aus recyceltem Leder für mehr Nachhaltigkeit zuhause - made im Allgäu


DecoBird Atlantic Puffin

Authentic Wood-carved Puffin DecoBird Puffin, with its unique and friendly appearance, fits on your bookshelf, windowsill, or sideboard. This nature-inspired home detail brings joy to everyday life. This charming bird carving is Swedish-designed and handcrafted using environmentally friendly materials, such as hand-carved wood and eco-friendly paints. As the birds are handmade, each piece has delicate, detailed variations, lending personality to each individual. About the Atlantic Puffin The puffin has a penguin-like black and white suit with a colourful beak that changes colour with the seasons. The bill is grey in winter, and when spring comes, it takes on its iconic [...]



Clean lines and natural materials, lovingly designed in Sweden. Storefactory is a Swedish brand in interior design. Our products are created by our own designers. Items – beautiful in their simplicity – looks just as wonderful in the city apartment as in the cottage in the country. Many items are produced in Sweden to support Swedish industry and cherish the resources we have. We always strive to work closely with our suppliers and resellers.



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