Scented Sculptures – Sculptures of Alemee

The Mabou scented sculptures are a must have for every interior lover. Instead of sticks, Mabou works with hand-cast sculptures whose unique material absorbs the fragrance oil from the bottle and slowly releases the perfume back into its surroundings. The sculpture turns dark within 1 week and smells for about 3-4 months. It can then be filled up. The first collection of the Label based in Munich, Germany, is called "The Spirit of the Jungle" and inspired by the epic story of the fictional world "Mabou". The fantastic, varied and life-filled world makes the Mabou products unique room fragrance objects.



Produkte rund um Tee- / Kaffeegenuss & Aufbewahrung


Geschenkset JUST RELAX – Badesalze

Geschenkbox Just Relax, 3x Badesalz 200ml Klarglas mit Stahlkappe in Messing Farbe. Mit den Düften, Rosen, Lavendel und Camomille, Das perfekte Geschenk für jede Gelegenheit und mit einem schönen Preis. Mit den Texten Just Relax, Me Time und Enjoy your Bath.  



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