Vegan, luxurious home and body products, handmade in the Netherlands.


Aprestos – Foodtools

These wooden two-sided kitchen tools come with multiple functions: mix and flavour, stir-fry and spread or simply serve your food. Cook and find out. Bon appetite! Designed and produced in Portugal.


EKTA Living – Spice Jar & Oil and Vinegar Bottle

Store your spices in the new stylish jars and let them tell a visual story in your kitchen. Each Spice Jar and Oil and Vinegar Bottle is made from clear glass allowing you to see its contents easily, and features a cork lid to keep your spices fresh. These Jars are the ideal storage solution for the Magnet Shelf, fitting perfectly in the space on top. Now you can store all your spices and herbs conveniently and neatly, while using the Magnet Shelf for knives and other kitchen utensils. A perfect match!


EKTA Living – Cutting Board

The kitchen should be a warm and inviting place that inspires delicious cooking. When we design kitchen products, we focus on timeless design, high quality, and most importantly good functionality. EKTA Living presents an inspired new range of textiles to suit your kitchen. With their classic charm and woven aesthetic, these 100% cotton textiles are the perfect addition to any kitchen. Never compromising on quality, OEKO-TEX® certification guarantees that they do not contain any chemical compounds known to be harmful. All textiles are machine washable and suitable for everyday use.



Boiling water with Kezzel is efficient and sustainable. The innovative induction kettle switches the hob off automatically thanks to its unique automatic switch-off function. The next generation kettle utilises induction hob technology in a completely new way and combines convenience and sustainability. Product features New type of kettle for induction cookers Switches off automatically on induction stoves as soon as the water boils Uses efficient induction technology best on standard and flex induction, on vario- and full surface induction the cooking process may take longer Glass container is dishwasher-safe Easy to clean and descale, easy to store Sustainable, without own [...]



Kezzel – innovativer Wasserkocher mit automatischer Ausschaltfunktion für Induktionsherde. Dass Kezzel automatisch abschaltet, basiert auf der Funktionsweise eines Induktionsherdes: Nimmt man einen Topf von einem Induktionskochfeld, schaltet dieses ab. Bei Kezzel wird eine magnetische Platte in einem Glasbehälter angehoben. So schaltet sich der Herd ab. Modernste Technik in einem minimalistisch designtem Wasserkocher.


Kezzel by Xinco GmbH

Kezzel - The automatic kettle for the induction cooker We have developed an automation process for cookware on induction cookers. The first product to be manufactured on the basis of this innovation is a kettle. Compared to conventional electric kettles, we do without our own heating and electronics. In this way, we achieve a high level of sustainability in production and use, while at the same time providing great convenience. Until now there have been kettles and electric kettles, Kezzel combines the best of both worlds! Our innovative and sustainable Kezzel switches off the induction hob as soon as the [...]



More than 200,000 abien MAGIC GRILLs sold – the bestseller in Japan is now also available in Europe. Enjoy freshly prepared, healthy food daily with the abien MAGIC GRILL - the innovative electric grill in Japanese design - teppanyaki style.  Simple, sleek and smart Japanese design (teppanyaki style). The abien MAGIC GRILL won the "GOOD DESIGN AWARD" in Japan. The grill plates with built-in heating elements and the revolutionary Polymer Heat Sheet technology guarantee an even food preparation - simply MAGIC. It only takes 10 seconds to set up the MAGIC GRILL. Delicious and beautiful – you conjure up MAGIC [...]



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