Swedish textile brand Gyllstad is all about contemporary Scandinavian prints and colours with a timeless touch. Interior textiles and accessories designed to put a smile on your face - for you, your children and your home. All of Gyllstads collection is produced from GOTS-certitifed cotton in Sweden and Estonia. All design by Ulrika Gyllstad. Established in 2014.


Gry & Sif

Dekoration und Interieur in Nepal handgefertigt. Gry & Sif ist Fair Trade Guaranteed-Mitglied der World Fair Trade Organization


SALTO – natürlich feine Schals

SALTO: individuell trendy scarves and shawls for women. Handcrafted at the highest levels. Using enchanting styles and structures made from the finest yarns. Combine to embrace Mother Natures true beauty. The summer scarves indulge you with fantastic colours, giving one a true feeling for this beautiful time of year. Irresistible mélanges created in silks, cottons and modal combined with creative designs simply seduce. For winter we show the finest wool harmonies with wool, silk or cashmere blend. Some of the styles being accentuated using the art of embroidery. Thus creating your own unique scarve. SALTO: scarves for women looking for [...]


Marianne Villalobos Emonet PR

¡Hola! I'm Marianne Villalobos-Emonet, a Venezuelan architect based in Belgrade. More that 10 years ago, I’ve decided to tailor my professional background into a miniature scale. Pamela Coromoto is the muse, an imaginary character and the bridge that connects my passion for art, fashion and design with my knowledge, materialized in a jewelry brand. Pamela Coromoto is a concept, not a product. Each of my collections are open journeys, pursuing to underline the wearer’s individuality, femininity and confidence by making contemporary and thoughtful jewelry, visionary in technique, style and execution. A small brand with a big message. Embracing sustainable design [...]


Tell Me More

Tell Me More is a Swedish interior company that designs and manufactures its own collections of home decor, hemp rugs, crockery and textiles. We are inspired by nature where a Scandinavian style sets the framework. We strive for the simple way of living, and we get inspired by the elements of nature. Our overall idea is to create products that can be used and loved in your everyday life for a long period of time. By working with natural materials of high quality and with shapes and colours that are timeless, we make products that survive fleeting trends and seasonal [...]


Kröll Verpackung GmbH

Always the right paper bag and gift packaging for your business or event. We have been producing individual packaging for our customers for more than 80 years. In addition to production, you will find a large selection of sustainable packaging made from paper, recycled PET or fabric in a neutral and unobtrusive design. You can choose: Either you have your packaging produced by us individually with your logo and motifs or you choose from our large range of neutral packaging directly from stock.



Baghi stands for fair, sustainable and high-quality products: whether meditation cushions, decorative items and greeting cards made from handmade daphne paper, home textiles made from GOTS organic cotton or bags. We design our products together with local artisans in India and Nepal. The symbiosis of traditional craftsmanship and modern design in high quality creates unique products. We believe that products which are handcrafted under fair conditions make the consumer more happy!


Small, handmade company from Poland. We produce funny pillows and decoration for kids and adults.



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