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De Buyer, created in 1830, is based in the Vosges, France. It designs and manufactures cooking and pastry utensils for restaurant trades and top-of-the-range gastronomy.

Thanks to more than 180 years of experience in working metal (steel, stainless steel , copper or aluminium), today, the company offers more than 2,500 products and exports to more than 95 countries around the world. De Buyer is recognized as a leading brand in the creation of new products and submits dozens of patents every year. De Buyer’s expertise and excellence has been rewarded with an EPV (Living Heritage Company) label, a distinction awarded by the French government.

De Buyer’s utensils are greatly appreciated by Professionals and the company works in partnership with many training centres, such as the Institut Paul Bocuse, the Ecole Nationale de la Pâtisserie (ENSP), the Ecole de Cuisine Alain Ducasse, the Masterclass of Christophe Michalak, the Ecole Ferrandi, the Ecole du Grand Chocolat Valrhona in France, the Ecole At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy in Singapore, the Enderun Collège in Manila, the Kingsway Westminster College in London, and still, the Culinary Institute Lenôtre in Houston.

“B Bois” line:
A symbol of DE BUYER’s commitment to CSR

The new “B Bois” line is first and foremost the result of an exchange between metal specialists De Buyer and wood specialists Marlux (which was bought by the Vosges De Buyer company in 2016). Driven by the desire to make safe and long-lasting utensils, De Buyer brings together the finest materials to create these products:

  • Beech wood: This strong, solid and durable material leaves a positive ecological footprint and provides natural smoothness. It meets the expectations of a society which is increasingly aware of the need to protect its environment.
  • Beeswax: This provides materials with natural protection against contact and oxidation.

The integration of wood into the production process has led De Buyer to develop and master new manufacturing expertise.


In April 2018, De Buyer became the only player in the culinary sector to be confirmed as being committed to CSR upon its very first evaluation. De Buyer has distinguished itself in particular through its many activities supporting the environment. The “B Bois” collection is a new symbol and sign of this commitment attested by:

  • PEFC certification for the beech wood used, which comes from sustainably managed Vosges forests
  • A natural beeswax finish. This little insect is the subject of special protection from the company, which has just installed four hives on land near the factory and at the edge of the Val d’Ajol forest. Managed by a local beekeeper and forest warden for the Natural Forests Office, the goal of the apiary is to provide a natural area for local wildlife. Commonly found in the Natural Park where the site is located, bees are essential pollinators for the reproduction of more than 80% of plant species. The first honey harvest will happen after the “Maison & Objet” show.

The “B Bois” range includes:

… cooking utensils

MINERAL B ELEMENT: Made from 100% natural mineral steel, guaranteed PTFE and PFOA free, five different diameters (20, 24, 26, 28 and 32 cm) are available for the round version, while one is available for the traditional version (24 cm). These pans are essential for cooking at high temperatures, searing, browning and grilling tender and tasty dishes. Their beeswax finish provides natural protection against oxidation, facilitates seasoning and improves non-stick properties.
The long handle and the two wooden plaques which protect from heat make it easy to handle.

CHOC RESTO INDUCTION : Four round pans (20, 24, 28 and 32 cm), designed for gentle and delicate cooking. Their deep black coating on the inside and outside underlines their aesthetic.
The handle is also covered with two wooden plaques to make gripping easier and to protect the hand from heat.

…wood and stainless steel utensils

In total, eleven models combine the strength of patinated stainless steel with the elegance of beeswax-treated wood.
Slotted and non-slotted spoons, spaghetti spoons, ladles, mashers and skimmers in addition to spatulas in slotted, non-slotted, flexible, and cake versions as well as grippers which all facilitate the preparation of small dishes and/or service thanks to their ergonomic handles. A hole in the handle enables them to be stored hung above the work surface.
Handy for keeping them close by!

…100 % wooden utensils

Everyone can assemble their own all-wood collection
from the following utensils: round spatulas, English spoons, bevelled spatulas, rounded scoops, pancake utensils, raclette or blini spatulas, pointed spoons, salad cutlery or even tongs for toast.
A guaranteed natural look for your kitchen or table!

… RUMBA and BOOGIE salt, pepper and spice mills

These mills combine a wooden body and cover with a Marlux mechanism in moulded steel for pepper, stainless steel for salt, and ceramic for spices.
They can be used to assemble a complete pepper, salt and spice set. Three different styles are available:

  • RUMBA 14 cm
  • RUMBA 20 cm
  • BOOGIE 7 cm equipped with a rotating handle, designed for those feeling nostalgic for coffee grinders

Expansion of the bakery range

Tritan pastry nozzles

A new range of Tritan pastry nozzles has just joined the family. These solid, one-piece cones of smooth, translucent black material guarantee perfect hygiene. Their length has been designed for an easy placement in the piping bag.

Boosting user’s creativity, they are available in:

  • four new geometric models: square, triangle, rectangle and semicircle, to create new and original designs
  • twenty-three essential shapes and various diameters: plain, fluted, saint-honoré, leaf, basketweave, perforated
  • two versions with sizes adapted to the required flow rate; small for verrines and wider for garnishing choux, for example

Available individually, nozzles are also sold in six sets depending on your preferences and requirements: Classic, Creative, Mix, Geo, Starter and Decorating. DE BUYER also provides a flexible frame to easily store six nozzles. Clipping and unclipping effortlessly, nozzles remain stable in the dishwasher. Practical and ingenious!

These nozzles are compatible with LE TUBE.

Extra flexible pastry bag

Flexible and reusable, this easy-care nylon bag is compatible with all nozzles.
Two sizes are available according to your requirements: 34 cm or 46 cm long. A hole for hanging keeps it close at hand.

Set of 4 flexible plastic sheets: roulade decoration insert

These flexible plastic sheets are designed for 30 cm long roulade moulds. There are four raised patterns available: wavy, pineapple, quilted or unstructured, making it possible to obtain a patterned effect before cold setting. This enables the creations to be personalised when removing roulades, creams, foams, ice cream, etc. from the mould.

Hexagon-shaped perforated stainless steel cake rings

De Buyer continues its historic partnership with the Valrhona École du Grand Chocolat by expanding its range of perforated stainless steel cake rings. Four new hexagonal shapes boost your creativity! 2 cm high, their straight edges feature small perforations for a uniform and even result when cooking. Smooth, golden and crispy dessert pastry will be successful every time! The range is available in individual ring of 10 cm, 4 portions (20 cm), 6 portions (24 cm) or 8 portions (28cm).

Stainless steel expandable ring

With 3 cm high, this is the first expandable circular base on the market. Made of stainless steel, it can be used to make pies, tarts or desserts from 18 to 36 cm in diameter thanks to its flexible design.
A smart solution for adjusting your preparations to the number of of guests! This ring is also space-saving: when folded, it requires less space than a 36 cm ring.

Expandable stainless steel dessert frames

DE BUYER is revisiting the design of its expandable dessert frames in order to optimise their use. Traditionally, expandable moulds had slides on the top and bottom.
These innovative frames feature a single upper slide. When putting the frame on a flat surface, you can pour a mixture and avoid its spilling out underneath.
No leak!

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