Press preview report TrendSet Winter 2017 — the start of the exhibition season 2017

TrendSet Winter 2017 presents: The latest trends for Spring/Summer 2017!

Where are the trends of the upcoming season? Which trends can be observed for sales? What will people buy in spring and summer 2017? The trade already needs answers to these questions to be able at an early point in time to seek out and order the goods for the first half of the new year. The answers can be found at the “109th TrendSet – International Living and Lifestyle Fair for Consumer Goods” from 4 to 6 January 2017 in Munich, Germany.

This is where they can be found: the trends for the next spring/summer season. As the largest and most trade fair of its kind in the southern German-speaking region, TrendSet Winter 2017 is the first, at the beginning of January, to give the trade a first glimpse of the new assortment of approximately 2,500 brands and product lines from 15 living and lifestyle categories. Beautiful things for living both indoors and outdoors, practical and stylish goods for the kitchen, dining area, bath, and office, along with wonderful ideas for giving and decorating await attendees from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, northern Italy, and the neighbouring EU member states on approximately 100,000 square metres of exhibition space in nine fully booked exhibition halls. Industry leaders, niche players, and newcomers present their novelties and trends at TrendSet. As in previous years, TrendSet 2017 is therefore again a must-attend event for the entire industry. By the way, this year, because of the preparation for BAU 2017, TrendSet Winter 2017 is already taking place from Wednesday to Friday (4 January to 6 January 2017) and not, as usual, from Saturday to Monday.

On trend: colours and shapes of nature

In the next season, there are primarily two trends that the new trends follow. One is that the basic theme of nature continues to be current, but is being interpreted more openly and more colourfully than before. Earthy tones and natural materials combine to form harmonic designs. They are joined by fresh colours and wild ethic patterns for a pure summer feeling. Another trend is the colour blue as a trend colour for Summer 2017. It can be seen again and again in many designs for fashions and interiors in all shades from ocean blue to sky blue.

News from the TrendSet themed areas

Once again, at the TrendSet themed areas, many new things are waiting for attendees from the trade. Those who wish to take up new, young products in their assortments will be able to discover small but innovative companies at TrendSet Newcomer. This is where those firms new to the fair and also young companies present their promising products. TrendSet Country & Style, as well, is a part of it all, with many new products inspired by the homeland. At TrendSet Bijoutex, the trade will be able to find all the latest when it comes to fashion jewellery, beauty, and fashion.

The 15 living and lifestyle areas of TrendSet

• Furniture | Lamps | Home Textiles
• Home | Accessories | Lifestyle
• Glass | Porcelain | Ceramics
• Kitchen | Household | Gourmet
• Decodesign | Gifts | Souvenirs
• Seasonal Goods | Christmas | Festive Decor
• Bath | Fragrances | Wellness
• Floristry | Leisure | Garden
• Hobby | Fun | Toys
• Office | School | Stationery | Papeterie
• Fashion Accessories | Clothing
• Jewellery | Timepieces | Gems
• TrendSet Newcomer | Young Collections
• TrendSet Country & Style | Homeland Collections
• TrendSet Bijoutex | Fashion Jewellery | Fashion | Beauty

Discover new products and trends for Spring/Summer 2017


Beautiful living indoors and outdoors – Furniture, Lamps, Home Textiles: Hall B4; Bath, Fragrances, Wellness: Hall B5; Floristry, Leisure, Garden: Halls B5 to B6 | Lifestyle inspirations – Home, Accessories, Lifestyle: Halls B2, B4 and B5; Furniture, Lamps, Home Textiles:
Halle B4 | Gift ideas – Decodesign, Gifts, Souvenirs: Halls B2 and C1 | Festive decorations – Seasonal Goods, Christmas, Festive Decor: Halle C1 | Everything for the kitchen and dining table – Glass, Porcelain, Ceramics; Kitchen, Household, Gourmet: Hall B1 | The latest arts & crafts, toys, and writing supplies – Hobby, Fun, Toys; Office, School, Stationery, Papeterie: Hall B3 | Bags, belts and textiles – Fashion Accessories, Clothing: Halls B2 and B5 | Genuine jewellery and accessories – Jewellery, Timepieces, Gems: Hall B2 | Homeland Collections – TrendSet Country & Style: Hall B1 | Young Collections – TrendSet Newcomer Halle B1 | Fashion jewellery, fashions, beauty – TrendSet Bijoutex: Halls C2 and C3

TrendSet Winter 2017: Where? When? How much does admission cost?

TrendSet – 109th International Living and Lifestyle Fair for Consumer Goods
from Wednesday, 4 January to Friday, 6 January 2017
at the Messe München (Munich Trade Fair Centre)
in Halls B1 to B6 and C1 to C3.

Opening hours:
Wednesday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm (9:00-18:00)
Thursday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm (9:00-18:00)
Friday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm (9:00-18:00)

One-Day Ticket: €16.00
Three-Day Ticket: €22.00