Lite-up Lamp | kooduu

A3 / F 48

The Lite-up is a unique Danish Design and Dimmable LED lamp with 4 warm white light intensities settings and it is a real eye-catcher in every interior. It creates a cozy atmosphere in your living room, bedroom, kids’ room, campervan, garden, patio, your holiday, glamping or road trip.

It is 100% portable thanks to its compact size, built-in and rechargeable battery, dimmable, a dark or light wooden handle, so you can set the mood wherever you are. Set the mood for cozy and happy times with this beautiful, portable and dimmable LED lamp.

Available in different trendy colors: Earth, Petroleum, Sky Blue, Light Rose, Ocean Blue and Sand. Brighten up your spaces with this Lite-up Nordic Design Lamp.

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