Distinctive and eco-designed

Panier des Sens is asserting its expertise as a perfumer with a complete
collection of four home fragrances: candles, diffusers, room fragrances
and universal refills (diffuser and fragrance).

Illuminate your home with gentleness and harmony with our candles
crafted in partnership with renowned perfumers. From the selection of
raw materials to laboratory testing, to the assembly of 100% vegetable
waxes and the choice of the wick, numerous steps derived from exclusive
expertise mark the birth of a candle fragrance.

Our fragrances, for their part, carry a unique olfactory character, a real
freedom of creation, to evoke unique horizons. These increasingly natural
products are formulated on a base of vegetable alcohol derived from sugar
beet, wheat and sugar cane. They contain over 90% of natural ingredients.
Their glass bottle is refillable and recyclable.

The eco-designed Ambiance et Maison range also includes a universal
refill in recycled and recyclable plastic, designed to fill both diffusers and
home fragrances. The refill gives a second life to the bottles and helps
limit waste an exceptional olfactory journey around eco-designed, natural,
and sensory products.

Room fragrances