Dasha Minkina

B3 / A 10-06

Dasha Minkina is a Munich-based freelance painter. With her portraits, she creates dream worlds that invite the viewer to feel.

The artist’s personal story is part of her creative process. Born in 1981 in Siberia, then Soviet Union, Dasha Minkina attended art school from the age of 5. Her world turned upside down when she emigrated to Germany as a teenager in the early 90s. From that moment on, self-reflection and the search for the self came into focus – both personally and artistically.

From 2003 to 2010 she studied art at the University of Dortmund and opted for painting and photography because these two disciplines are ideal for dealing with people. In her current artistic practice, Dasha Minkina has chosen figurative, expressive painting in oil and acrylic as her dominant language.

Her portraits turn inward. Over the bridge of empathy, they involve the viewer in an individual, wordless dialogue and thus create reflection surfaces and space for emotion. “Finding oneself in the opposite” becomes the core element of the art experience.

A special color palette in combination with the openness and sketchiness of the pictures is characteristic of Minkina’s work. Heavily washed-out, “dirty” pastel shades contrast with monochrome surfaces. Picturesque structures alternate with graphic lines. Realistic details meet strong abstraction.
The pictures are deliberately “unfinished”. They invite you to be mentally completed by people who search them for their own hidden feelings and stories. This creates resonance.

Heßstr, 88 , 80798 Munich, DE
Telefon: +4917630468665
Webseite: https://dashaminkina.com/

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