FAIRWERK // Inntal workshops

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"In the middle of man and nature"

What distinguishes us:

- Responsible use of resources
- Plastic-free packaging
- Ecological tea lights with sustainable stainless steel spout
- Wood from sustainable forestry
- Durable products for long-term use
- Regional production and a fair value chain

Our exciting journey began in 1996 with the founding of FAIRWERK. The Inntal workshops of the Attl Foundation decide to create their own brand for home accessories, gifts and wooden toys and thus dare to enter the open market. The FAIRWERK concept is developed together with a designer. The range should convince with attractive design products and high quality standards. This inspiration is also reflected in the choice of name: FAIR products and business practices from the Inntal workshops.

Today, more than 25 years later, we couldn't be more proud of the development that FAIRWERK has gone through. In the new catalog we present you the current collection and our new products.

The FAIRWERK products are made in the Inntal workshops in Wasserburg am Inn, Bavaria. With sophisticated manufacturing processes, we process high-quality materials into elegant and functional design products. We are characterized by a high level of personal commitment and an appreciative cooperation.

As a facility for people with a need for assistance, the Attl Foundation is just as diverse as the people who live and work there. In the four company areas of living - learning - working - outpatient services, people find the framework conditions they need to live as independently and responsibly as possible.

We attach great importance to high quality and fair prices. We have remained true to our philosophy of producing as much as possible ourselves. What we cannot produce ourselves, we buy from our partner workshops whenever possible. We do not use plastic in our packaging. Instead of tea lights with an aluminum socket, you can get every tea light holder with a reusable stainless steel socket including ecological tea lights. The origin of our products is transparent and sustainable.

By purchasing FAIRWERK products, you are opting for high-quality design "Made in Germany" with social and ecological sustainability.

CURIOUS? You can find more exciting information about us at www.fairwerk.de and www.stiftung.attl.de

Attel 13 , 83512 Wasserburg am Inn, DE
Telefon: +498071102227
Webseite: https://fairwerk.de/

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