HanSen Ovis GmbH

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HanSen Ovis GmbH is a small family business in the Salzburg lake district with a focus on high-quality care products with organic sheep’s milk.

Ovis soaps convince with their exceptionally mild recipe and outstanding quality. After saponification of the vegetable oils, caring ingredients such as almond oil, shea butter and organic sheep’s milk are added to the Ovis soap. The gentle production method (temperature of the mass always remains below 40°C) preserves the beneficial properties of each ingredient. Thus, even with frequent washing, the skin is protected and does not dry out. Ovis soaps are suitable for all skin types – especially for sensitive skin – and for daily use. Tip: Ovis soaps are also excellent for showering!
In the products of Ovis is as much nature in it as possible and it is renounced on everything what the skin does not need! All products are:

Kälberpoint 49 , 5164 Seeham, AT
Telefon: +436217202010
Webseite: https://www.hansen.at

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