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Shaving meets nature.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a daily clean shave or occasional combing and styling. A personal beard care routine can sometimes keep things in order, not just in your head, but also in your head – as a little break from everyday life. So that it can be designed as naturally as possible, our Kost comb shaving utensils are made of solid-colored wood, cherry, beech, walnut or olive wood. The choice of personal utensils is as individual as the beard wearer himself: from shaving brushes with badger hair in three different quality levels as well as a vegan synthetic hair alternative to two shaving systems: the safety razor, which is ideal for contours and longer beard hair, and the Razors with Mach3 razor heads for a gentle shave. With the Mach3 version, the entire blade head is replaced. The safety razor is much more sustainable – even for daily shaving. This is opened and only the razor blade is replaced. The very personal shaving set is visually rounded off by our water-resistant soap dishes, which are suitable for both storing and lathering the soap. And because beard care doesn’t stop with cutting and trimming, there are beard combs made of wood and horn, as well as beard brushes with wild boar or sisal bristles. These shape the beard hair and massage the skin at the same time – and thanks to their design in pear and walnut wood, they not only flatter the hair but also flatter the hands.


Care instructions: In order to enjoy our shaving brushes for a long time, they should be rinsed with water after shaving and wiped out before being stored in a dry place. The razors should also be cleaned with warm water and then dried.

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