Eledea Flameless Candles

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Whether you’re an interior decorator, a restaurateur or hotelier, or simply a lover of stylish things, Eledea Flameless Candles has something just for you. They may look like traditional wax candles. They may feel like traditional wax candles. But they’re so much more than just traditional wax candles.

Flameless. Smokeless. Effortless. These are just some of the novel benefits of this beautiful range – designed to create a peaceful and welcoming ambiance in any space with the added benefit of ensuring a clean, convenient and safe environment.Each innovative Eledea Flameless Candle comes with a gently flickering 3D LED flame that adds a delightfully warm glow without any of the heat. And because it’s not a real flame, it cannot burn or catch alight, which makes it easy to move your stylish candles from table to bar counter to shelf, without worrying about dripping wax, burning fabrics, or hot hands. No flames. No worries. Just hours and hours of endless candlelight.

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